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March 1st 2005
Published: March 1st 2005
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Hebden BridgeHebden BridgeHebden Bridge

This is a pic from Amy's back yard!
Sorry I have been a little behind on keeping up with the journal. I am not sure what I do all the time (ok I know some of you are thinking she goes and enjoys the drink! That is not always true!), but I am sure it is something exciting!
I just want say thanks to everyone who has sent comments! I am such a nerd because I get all excited when I get one! Then again I am the strange person who gets excited about the shiny things in the grocery store (I miss wal-mart).
Well as I sit here and eat my malty flakes I will tell you the tale of York.
My mate Amy, lives 2 doors down from me, invited me to go with her to her home in Hebden Bridge. I was told I would have proper meals, a bath, and a big bed! Oh... I am dreaming of all those things right now (especially the bath.. ahh bath...). Okay enough of the dreaming! He father came and picked us up from uni. On the way we pick up fish and chips! The brits do know their fish and chips!
After I slept like a star fish on the big bed - the next morning we headed off to York. It was an amazing town! Their is a wall that surrounds the city and you can walk on it. Then we headed to a little cafe for a very nice lunch. The town had a homey small town feeling and the people were very friendly.
We went to York Minster; it is the largest gothic cathedral in Britain. I wish the pictures gave the Minster justice, but they don’t (wish I was a better photographer or that I had my Nikon!). That night we went to Halifax and let me tell you that was a dodgy area! We met up with two of Amy's friends one was named pie and the other was... um... John! Hey I remembered! He was gay and would go very well with my gay friend John back in the states (John wants to move here so maybe I can work something out!). We went to a place called Yates and I was scared! The women in the bathroom could have killed me with their pinkie finger. I didn’t know old people went clubbing! They even played the happy days song there....
York MinsterYork MinsterYork Minster

This is a horrible pic and I apologize!
I still have chills.... bleh!
The next day it was a relaxing day around the city of Hebden Bridge. Went to a wonderful little cafe.. Oh wait there was a cafe every other building! Let me tell you all about a little thing called Sunday tea! It is where you get a nice nice home cooked meal! Ahhhhhhhh.... We had chicken, vegetables, Yorkshire pudding, and for dessert it was english pancakes. After the amazing dinner, I had the best bath of my life and then it was off to the best bed of my life. Slept like a starfish for the last time and then off to my small bed (little did I know my next adventures would bring me to the floor!).

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1st March 2005

hallo there mate
Well Jules I am glad to hear you are having a great time. I like all your pics. I think there are ghosts in that pic. They look like the ghosts from super mario. But what does my opinion matter anyway cuz i am crazy too. Keep in touch alchy. Be safe and watch out for those middle aged clubbers! - Kyle the GREAT
7th March 2005

It might be ghosts or it might be an issue with your film. I'll stick by ya on the ghosts though! Later Gator! Lisa - Lisa

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