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Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » Whitby September 2nd 2019

Oh to be in England now. We travelled from Asenby to Whitby on the North Sea Coast through all the little and Mid sized picturesque towns. The route reminds us of all the English poems and literature we read mostly through grade school and a few novels after. The thatched roofs and pastures of sheep ( Terri’s friends, cotton balls. Arriving in Whitby in low tide we saw many boats settled on mud sea floor. In the distance we could see our destination of the once glorious Whitby Abbey. We walked through the narrow streets with shops on either side, Noting along the way the Lucky Duck ship and the Black Horse pub both future stops after the trek to the Abbey. St. Hilda would have been overjoyed with the church and Abbey before Good? King ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » Whitby January 1st 2019

The car was pointing north. As usual. We turned off the A1 on to the A168 and "home". It is a familiar stretch. I have often switched radio stations by this point to BBC Radio Tees. There is a sense of familiarity to the news and the accents delivering it. "If you're talking about it. We're talking about it". However, tonight I had left it tuned into a national station. Directly on cue as I make the turn off, a seasonal tune plays. We had been "top to toe in tailbacks' for most of the journey, but we are now almost on the "freeway'. Driving home for Christmas with a thousand memories. There are other Christmas records, but this one is the one that instantly gets anybody who hails from the hinterland of Teesside all nostalgic. ... read more
Whitby Harbour
Whitby Harbour

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » Whitby May 2nd 2018

After York we continued onto our destination: Whitby. Actually, we were staying in the tiny town of Sleights. Cousin Mary had mentioned to us that she was pretty sure that this was the town at the bottom of a steep grade and she was very correct. Gorgeous scenery along the drive through the Yorkshire Moors with views out to the coast and Whitby itself as we approached. With a minor bit of trouble getting access to our cottage, we were happy with our new accommodations, though nothing could compare with the first (we were spoiled for the rest of the trip). Dad and I headed to the store again for a minor restock of our food and drinks. We cooked with our existing food supply that night and generally fell asleep early. The next day we ... read more
Up the 199 steps we go....
Whitby Abbey
Hike above Sandsend

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » Whitby September 19th 2017

With a good weather report, and sunny skies, we set off for Whitby after breakfast. It took about an hour to arrive, and we headed down through the town to the harbour area where we parked the car. The town itself was very busy, so we decided to walk up to Whitby Abbey, above the town. The sign told us there were 199 steps to climb. The Abbey was started in the 7th century, and like many of the abbeys is now in disrepair. Henry VIII, when he changed England's religion, was responsible for the destruction of most of the monasteries in the country. The buildings that are still standing give a good idea that this had once been a thriving community in medieval times. There are also great views over the town and out to ... read more
Whitby harbour
Whitby Abbey
Whitby beach

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » Whitby April 29th 2017

I stand and gaze over the harbour from the East Cliff. A blue sky is dotted with fluffy white clouds. The air is clear and the view stretches to Sandsend and the cliffs at Kettleness. The tide is out. The whitecap waves contrast with the sea. Summer has started again, after the sleet and hail earlier in the week. I pay my respects to my Dad. He is also watching out over the harbour from a spot a few yards away. Well, he is metaphorically speaking. This is his patch. The yards below, where he would be dispatched to his Grans. The Abbey behind me, where he would be sent to play in the grounds watched over by his Uncle. In the days before English Heritage, his Uncle was the splendidly titled custodian of the place. ... read more
Whitby Abbey

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » Whitby November 8th 2016

The Monk’s Haven was packed. A small dog sat waiting patiently for the possibility of a small crumb of toasted teacake. She knew the café owners would often provide a small piece of cut sausage for hungry dogs, so this would tide her over until the main food possibly came her way. The table opposite remarked at her black cape with a red collar. It was very Dracula, but in keeping with the mood of the weekend. The Whitby Goth Weekend was in full swing. The majority of the customers were dressed in a spectacular array of outfits. A combination of a pure goth and Victoriana. The ladies and indeed the gentleman mostly with heavily made up faces. A small shitzu also sat patiently for his treat, splendidly attired in his dog coat tuxedo. He was ... read more
Whitby Goth Weekend November 2016
Whitby Goth Weekend November 2016
Whitby Goth Weekend November 2016

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » Whitby August 30th 2016

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » Whitby August 30th 2016

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » Whitby June 15th 2016

We had a great time exploring Brighton, walking along the promenade and pier and then visiting the amazing Brighton Pavillion with its incredible architecture and certainly not one would expect from the outside. Next stop was Duke of Wellington’s house and then Dover Castle and the White cliffs of Dover! We have now joined both the National Trust and also English Heritage, allowing us free access from now on to many historical sites which makes sense as we really enjoy visiting mansions, castles, ruins and famous people’s houses. Yesterday we visited Winston Churchill’s house and today Charles Darwin’s house, both so very interesting. Tonight we are parked by a 16th century pub that has 280 hectares of woodland next to it which is full of grey squirrels and so so cute. We visited a British wildlife ... read more
Brighton beach. Huge pebbles but no sand.
Grey squirell
Dover Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » Whitby May 1st 2016

The Tour de France had a profound effect on sport in Yorkshire. A county famed for it's sporting heritage. The all dominant Leeds United football team are no longer a force - turned into a sorry state by a few recent years of miss-management and poor ownership choices. Jason has brought back a spell of success for the cricket connoisseurs and across the Headingly way, the Rhinos have been top dogs. Cycling, though - it was never in the frame. The choice of the Tour de France organising committee to favour Leeds with a Grand Depart in 2014 changed all that. Cycling has exploded. Real men wearing lycra now abound the back lanes. The Tour went off on a magical merry-go-round, showcasing the tourism prospects of God's own country. The Stray at Harrogate to the cobbles ... read more
Le Tour De Yorkshire / Stage 3: Great Ayton
Le Tour De Yorkshire / Stage 3: Cote de Highgate Howe
Le Tour De Yorkshire / Stage 3: Cote de Highgate Howe

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