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After his mazy dribble round North East footie, Harry Pearson concluded with thoughts on the arrival of a certain Captain Marvel as the proposed of saviour of Teesside. The dream did indeed turn into reality for a while at least, but caution was issued for visitors to wear hard hats and protective clothing during the period of euphoria. This was later refined to the idea that wearing a hard hat at any time wasn't a bad idea. Middlesbrough often comes with that sort of reputation, although in the main it is a reputation that is largely undeserved. A town where industry was king, Middlesbrough doesn’t usually win awards for scenic vistas. The residents have no widely used specific title, such as those more commonly known further up the coast. They are neither Geordies (Newcastle) nor Mackems ... read more
The Curve, Teesside Uni, Middlesbrough

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » Middlesbrough December 30th 2011

30 years on and the wilderness remains................. read more
Transporter Bridge
Awesome Park
River Tees

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » Middlesbrough October 13th 2011

Actually, it may not be that sleepless, after a seriously heavy night of drinking with Mr Allen last night. Tom, not Tim. Tom. Tom. After moping through today with a monster hangover, packing has proved a bit of a struggle. Anoche, in a gloomy, wet Stokesley, Mr Allen and I were of course safely tucked away in the glowy-warm bar of Chapter's Hotel where we supped enough draught Estrella Damm to sink the proverbial ship, and sank we did. Indeed, we had virtually capsized when the most helpful barman (Tom's mate. You know, one of those 'he always looks after me when I'm in here' type mates) suggested we moved on to the double bourbons. Turns out these weren't some kind of oversized custard cream biscuit sandwiches, and more quaffing was followed by a rather blurry ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » Middlesbrough October 1st 2011

Round the World Trip starts in just two weeks... Tonight, in Costa-del-Boro, it's Barbie time... Not the blonde doll -but BBQ Daddy-Rick-Style.... read more

Well it's Stockton on Tees actually and we are on the countdown to setting off! 4 weeks to go and thousands of lists of things to do before we go!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » Middlesbrough April 17th 2011

To celebrate our wedding on Thursday, we decided to have a little BBQ night. A few of my old friends came around with a whole load of beer and wine. The BBQ was a pain to light, especially when wine, and a bucket full of lighter fluid is involved. After pouring 50% of the lighter fluid onto the BBQ Chrissy decided to light the coal, obviously just before i had retreated to a safe distance. End result was a 80ft flame, quite similar to an Iraqi oil field, scorching past everybody's face and mothers pride and joy, the conservatory. With eyebrows partly missing, and body hair singed, i noticed the rest of the contents of the fluid was on fire in my hands, i ran up the garden and threw away the fiery "Molotov Cocktail" It ... read more
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