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September 16th 2011
Published: September 23rd 2011
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After entering the coolness of Terminal Three we passed through the security check point and there I caused problems for the security staff. I thought I had taken everything off that was metal but after several attempts to pass through the metal detector I continued to set the alarm off. I was given a pat down and I think it was the necklace chains I was wearing.

After that we headed up to the departure lounge and we had about 45 minutes until our flight to Newcastle. Went to the Duty Free and got Bombay Sapphire Gin for us and Courvesiour VSOP Brandy for Richard’s Mum. Richard went and looked for the Emirates flight desk but couldn’t find it. I got a magnet form the shop that was 12.00 Dirham. Managed to us all of Richard’s coins so he doesn’t jingle anymore. We decided against using the lounge and boarded the plane gate 219.

This time the seats were further back in 32 A and 32 B. Also we were one of the final passengers on board and there was no overhead luggage storage over our heads so the cases were taken from us and placed somewhere away from us. The televisions were on and we put the camera to the front on. Richard’s television kept rolling and turning off. He told the flight attendant and she said not to worry it will reset itself once the emergency information video starts. Watched the take-off from the front of the plane and then switched to down camera. It was great getting a pilots eye view. We got fed again with breakfast of Fruit, Deli Platter with Turkey, Beef, Potato Salad and cheese, cucumber, carrot and tomato and Croissant. Nice again and much better than another fry up that I thought we would get.

Just after take-off Richard went and got the cases and looked further forward for places to put the cases. He found one and put my case in there. Dur to the fact he didn’t have his British Passport he wanted off quickly to beat the Chinese students. The idea was to grab cases and hit the floor running to immigration.

Spend most of the flight in fitful sleep again but awake as we flew over the Humber and up the middle of England. We’d ordered some champagne (Moet & Chandon) and having that as the captain announced we were beginning our descent into Newcastle Airport. We landed from the land side and Richard said he had never landed this way. Touchdown smooth and we still had the bottles and glasses with us as we landed. We took the glasses home with a nice Emirates engraving on them and the corks. I sliced mine and put a pound coin in it. Good luck.

More fun with the plane as the sky bridge didn’t work in Newcastle so plane disembarking was through the rear of the plane. This kind of worked in our favour because it meant Richard could get off the plane fairly quickly and get to the front of the immigration queue, however the downside was the case placed further forward. I told Richard to go with his case and I’d see him in the arrivals carousels. I was last person off the plane and I could see the flight attendant getting my case down and saying looks like we got lost property here. I called out that’s mine and she replied that’s lucky I was about to put the contents on eBay. Being a UK passport holder I was called out of the zig zag lines and put into the UK line. I think, going all political and the country would be better if I ran it!, there should be three passport queues, one UK and EU holders, two foreign nationals on holiday and three foreign nationals looking to work or study.
I got through the UK line fairly quickly and Richard was out in the hall with the suitcases. No one in customs and walked straight out. Mrs Staveley and Alyson met us in the arrivals hall. Weather grey and drizzle…no surprise there!! We drive down the A1 (M), past the Angel of the North and into Catterick Garrison and their large all-encompassing Tesco. Got sim card for the phone with O2 for 99p and topped up with 10 pound. Plugged it in and away I went.

Stopped off in Leyburn where Richard’s Gran lives. She is 103 years old and is having her 104th birthday on next Thursday. She is a great lady and looks really good for her age. She is going blind and deaf but very sharp memory.

We then drove into Hawes and Gayle past the Wensleydale Cheese Creamery. We took the cases up to the room and then a cup of tea was organised and a bit of a chat while Richard caught up.

Richard and I decided to go for a walk into Hawes. We walked to the Gayle Bridge and near the Gayle Mill, then headed over to Hawes along the footpath to Hawes church. Went inside and on the wall there are three Staveley’s and one Iveson who are Richard’s great uncles. George, Lister and Edmund Staveley and Nathan Bertram Iveson. Then the rain came…surprise, surprise and it didn’t stop all the time we were out. Alyson had given me a waterproof to wear and thankfully I needed it. The only problem was it kept the top half dry but the rain soaked my trousers and my shoes as the rain ran off the waterproof. Cold and tired we returned to the house and got changed for dinner at Alyson’s.

Having real problems keeping awake and fell asleep in front of the television. I lasted until 8.30. Not bad considering we had a 9pm aiming time to stay awake.


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