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January 15th 2011
Published: January 15th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

Right, not a god start it just took me 10 min to find my nearest loaction on here and this is to where I live now (and have lived in same area for the passed 35 years)

In May this year me and Dad are off galavanting around Canada like a couple of kids, only for 17 Days but it'll be a first for me and we are just making it up as we go. Fly into Vancouver on 2nd May and back out from Calgary on the 19th. Car hire and B+B's as we go

First thoughts when Dad asked me if I fancied it .....

1, Yeah!!

2, Suzanne and the kids, will they be ok??????? When I say will they be ok, of course we'll all miss each other but keeping in touch shouldn't be a problem, mobile phones and internet, and 17 Days isn't that long. It's just a first time for any of us to be apart for so long........ what if they like it too much and lock me out when I get back!!

3, Work....checked the shift rota and secured a week swap with Scott..Thanks

4, Bears, will I get eaten? No .... i'm a faster runner than Dad :o)

We plan to travel light and our initial rough and I mean rough plan is.

Vancouver Island, far north and then back down crossing over to West coast for a bit (time scale ? We'll see how it goes) Rocky Mountians....we are still looking at a few different routes and Saskatoon to visit old friends

We are concidering loads of other places but I'm keeping this brief, in the meantime I think Dad will have seen most of the country via Google street view.

Just watched a Moose attack on You Tube......errrr well I'm still a faster runner than Dad.


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