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August 30th 2018
Published: August 30th 2018
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Liverpool Rail StationLiverpool Rail StationLiverpool Rail Station

I was the first passenger on the train.
Oh, my giddy aunt, what a sweet little house I’ve lucked into! My “host” Christina (an Egyptologist professor at East Angola Uni) is a young woman of exceptional taste - as you can see from the accompanying photos (some are panoramic, to give a sense of whole rooms).

After a final neighborhood stroll through Notting Hill this morning, I headed for the Tube and national rail stations, with only slight confusion, few missteps, and as always, lots of help. One off-duty railway attendant carried my (37 lb.) bag up a flight of steps, across a bridge, and down a flight to get me to the correct platform/train. When I asked him, “Were you going that way?” he replied, “I am now.” 😅

The journey through Suffolk (Constable country) took two hours, and I had the Quiet Car pretty much all to myself.

Christina generously ”collected“ me at the station, gave me a tour of her village of Bawburgh (“BoBbrrro”), the nearest shops, the basics of her car and her home before scooting into London herself, on her way to her flat in Turin. I wasted no time unpacking, settling in and starting a load of laundry 😉

Miss Winifred, 13, is a calm, loving, cunning ball of shedding fur. She spends her time napping, patrolling the bird feeders, and mousing in the garden. She’s already managed to move supper up by half and hour...

And so, I’ve a month to explore Norfolk and Suffolk, and I suspect they’ll be more charming and quaint than their Virginia namesake counties... (no offense, Commonwealth friends). I’m happily ensconced in the conservatory, doors flung open for evening air, with a glass of Sangiovese and the Bose streaming jazz from Portland, Oregon.

Lord, you could take me now...but wait just a while, more, OK?

Additional photos below
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In a bit of EdenIn a bit of Eden
In a bit of Eden

The back garden in Bawburgh (Norwich)

30th August 2018
Miss Winifred (post-prandial)

Charming abode
What a great time you are going to have there. It is often like you envision, but seldom experience in reality! Hope Miss Winifred will be “purrfect” companion😻 do you have to weed the gardens??❤️❤️❤️
30th August 2018
Miss Winifred (post-prandial)

Indeed, it turned out to be even better than the pix she sent me - totally charming, mismatched crockery and all - and neat as a pin. I’m invited to fill the bird feeders, water and mow if I’m inclined, but it’s not a requirement. 😅
30th August 2018

Oops, I am new to this!
Looks like I wrote my comment in the title field, so don't know for sure what happened to what I wrote. Anyway Lissa, I love your blog and can see that you have quite a good thing going for you. Enjoy!
30th August 2018

I’m a newbie, too
Glad you’re on board, Candy! Yes, I’m put off by the whole titling of comments and necessity of reviewing them before they can post. However. Since my blog is “public,” it’s s good thing to be able to shut down trolls (of which there are discouragingly many these days...)
30th August 2018
Alerted to stirrings in the garden

What a superb location, adorable cottage and a happy cat....oh and the wine. Wish I was there. Instead I'm on Jet Blue flying to ole Long Beach, CA for a memorial tomorrow. Pet the kitty for me and have an extra glass of wine too.
31st August 2018

You are in heaven!
What a lovely home to be ensconced in for the coming time. I know you will just love it! HUGS A BUNCH.

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