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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Merseyside » St Helens February 28th 2013

“Well...not quite a railway station. Lima Airport to be exact, waiting for our flight back home after 859 of the most amazing days I should ever hope to encounter in my life. With a sense of relief, excitement, melancholy and all manner of other emotions, it's on the shores of the Pacific Ocean that our time on the road has come to an end, or for now at the very least...” I wrote those words more than six months ago whilst waiting for our flight back to England. Despite making plans to travel further north through Ecuador and Columbia and into Central America, the weight of the relentless journey Amy and I had undertaken finally bested us back in Sucre in Bolivia, where we took the decision to return home. During the 859 days we spent ... read more
Bac Ha, Vietnam
Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
Lapa, Rio de Janiero

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Merseyside » St Helens May 23rd 2010

Geo: 53.35, -2.7333 116 get-ups to go... …You always hear the phrase, 'living the dream' or 'it means the world to me' when you tune in to those reality shows or talent contests. Chris & Roisin had the first piece of negative news last week. Roisin was trawling TripAdvisor and happened to spot a thread about restricted balconies. It just so happens that Chris and Roisin's cabin onboard the Sapphire Princess comes with one of those restricted balconies. I wouldn't say that their dream has turned in to a nightmare...far from's more like when you're dreaming about walking on the edge of a sidewalk (pavement to us Brits!!) and you slip off. This results in jumping in your sleep. Know what I mean?? Yes?? Well the balcony on board is more restricted than they thought. ... read more
Dream Sculpture 3, Bold Collery, St. Helens
Dream Sculpture 4, Bold Collery, St. Helens
Dream Sculpture 2, Bold Collery, St. Helens

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