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June 22nd 2010
Published: June 24th 2010
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We are now in Liverpool, hometown of the Beatles and according the population, the greatest Football team ever Liverpool FC. Before Liverpool, we stayed in Manchester for 2 nights. Manchester was way under my expectation. I was expecting a vibrant city were all that matter is Football and you get it you can see England flags everywhere and there is an intense ManU fever, but other than that, there is not much. The city centre is in massive construction, they are renovating almost every street at the same time and lots of building. Do you know what? The city workers are working the weekend. As many tourists being told, the nightlife is fantastic. I have to admit, it’s true. There is a great underground scene and great party atmosphere. Other than that there is not much to do and we only had a day and a half and really had to do some laundry. We spy the locals a couple times in the many pubs and watch the world cup with them. We walk the Chinatown, the second biggest in the UK and went to Old Trafford.

Old Trafford is Manchester old Stadium, the stage to some of the greatest football moments. As soon as you get in they give you a lanyard with a badge that you get to keep and grant you access to the museum. In the museum you will find anything from an old pair of socks to the trophy room that is worth millions of pounds. For an extra pound you can buy a ticket for the Stadium tour. A guide will bring you almost everywhere in Old Trafford for 2 hours. To give you an idea of what I mean by almost anywhere, this is what we visited: the players changing room, the private lounge, the red cafe, the player’s tunnel, etc. We even sat on every side of the Stadium and walk along the field. The tour was great and I recommend it to anyone who’s a fan of the game.

This morning again, our train arrived very early in. We took a bus to our hostel and were ready to explore Liverpool by 10h00. It was the first time our hostel was not in city centre. The good thing about our hostel location was how close the Anfield was from it. We only had to walk 10 minutes t get there. Ok I did get us lost on our way back and it took an hour but it was close. We had a tour of the Liverpool Fc Stadium the day before I was scare of not seeing the one in Manchester. I wasn’t too sure about the tour, but you know what, I am a man after all so I probably like a kid doing the tour. Yes, I heard you all! Another stadium, same shit again. No its not. The Anfield is one of the oldest stadiums in the world; Liverpool fc is a great team and has a lot of history and it is owne by the very controversial ex habs owner. By the way, they are supposed to build a new stadium and it was due for last week (people still remember the promise they made to the fans in 1995).

So we did a tour of the stadium and visit the museum. I like the tour but like the one in Manchester way more. See the pictures for a description of the stadium, like one great guy once said, a picture its worth a million words.

After we found our way back home, we relaxed; use the computer (I deal with Desjardins again) and watch South Africa beat France (HAHAHA). I am sure the Irish will throw the biggest party ever tonight. We then walk to a Wal-Mart, yeah I know, I hate Wal-Mart too but that was the only grocery around, to get food. We left the hostel later in the evening and walk in the port and went to the famous Cavern Club.

The hostel:

Manchester: Hatters

Located in the city center, minutes away from the train station. The hostel is full of poster with a lot of information about other hostels in Europe and bars. They organize a pub crawl every night and have Internet facilities. However, it is a typical big hostel. Huge dorm (18 beds) for an OK price. No real services. It is certainly not a good place for a good night of sleep. The staff is nice but don’t offer much help. You will have to pay for anything you would need. I am not a fan at all and will not go back there. There is just nothing special about this place. As a backpacker I always want a place where they will have services, such as laundry or breakfast to save money and not lose my time looking for a place to make it.

Liverpool: Everton Hostel

a short 10 minutes bus ride from the train station and only 10 minutes of walk away of Anfield. The hostel is managed by a very young staff and you feel like you are inviting you in their house. There is no front desk and you might find it suspect at first. However, the rooms are simply amazing. They almost all the time upgrade you for free...they say it is making them happy to see our reaction. You will find a full bathroom, a fridge, a kitchen, a table, a computer, a TV and even laundry facilities in the ROOM. They even give you cereals, bread, milk, cheese, fruits, jam to eat for free in your room. Did I say that lockers, internet, the laundry facilities, linen and almost anything you can dream about as a backpacker is free. I will come back again for sure.

Tomorrow Dublin! It is the St-Jean-Batiste tomorrow if you are in Quebec hope you drink a couple for me. I will be drinking some thinking of you guys over here. It is also the 25th birthday of the Isaacs Hostel of Dublin Friday and they invite us all to their party.


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