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June 28th 2010
Published: June 28th 2010
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i know we havent updated in a while only because internet is hard to come by..camping and all..the camping palce didnt really have it...the museum, in town did..but we can only stay on so long.

anyway sitting now in the salsbury arms hotel..formerly the bell built in 1525...oliver cromwell stayed here during the uprising.....hertford town (pronounced hartford) is where the founder of the quakers is from....and he founded hartford conneticuit....and the castle here is on a site where there has always been a castle....and parliment was moved here when the plague forced them to move to a safe place..this town!

so lots of history..the town over queen elizabeth was staying during the whole mary queen of scots thing....anyway....were fine.....hated to ask fro the money but it has so helped out.....gona bike and camp by the biking trail till friday when we meet our friends we met in salzberg...near bath and avebury and all them friday..stay with them ttill sunday..then move on to ireland.....thye will help us get around to see bath..stonehenge..avebury..silbury..the white horse and the west kennet long well as some nice ruins of castles and abbeys well as the ones we can get to whiel heading that way.

anywya everyone has been so nice friendsly and helpful to really is like coming home...i love it more than anything else.....saw london sunday...and paid for nothing..but bus and train to get around and down ther....bussed and ubed all around...saw buckingham palace..then went to sunday church service AT WESTMINSTER ABBEY!!!! it was awesome adn the boys choire was singing!!!!!


then the tower of london..the bit of roman wall left near it...shakespeasrs globe theatre...trafalger square where we played in the fountains cuz it was hot..everyone was doing it..brilliant/...and fun....picadilly circus..and walked across the tower bridge and milennium was amazing!!!! and we got pics...anywya heading off now to the grovery store...get supplies for out in the field....and on our bikes biking towards bath..roughly..adn slowly...but its gona be cool on the bike and walk paths...very later as we in this hotel adn gotta go now.....yay for free internet and a plug in close by!!!

england is spot on brilliant!! loving it.


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