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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lincolnshire » Bourne August 2nd 2023

If you key Bourne into a search engine, the chances are the top listing will not be Bourne, Lincolnshire. The Bourne Identity. The Bourne Supremacy. The Bourne Ultimatum. The Bourne Legacy. The Bourne film franchise. Jason Bourne. All are likely to head up the list of answers. Poor old Bourne - the market town - will probably be relegated to the also rans of the list. I can honestly say that films - movies in certain circles, without the desire or inclination to visit the cinema, often pass me by. Big screen action is fine, but listening to a soundtrack of people nearby munching on an oversized portion of popcorn isn't really too appealing. Similarly, the next bite at the showing on an overpriced satellite TV channel isn't in the family priorities. I can therefore honestly ... read more
Bourne Abbey

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lincolnshire » Skegness October 24th 2022

Driving across the Mojave Desert approaching the Nevada state boundary in the early 1990s, I never figured that I would have the same level of anticipation driving across the Lincolnshire Wolds 30 years later. Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world. The neon lights of the city would soon appear, rising from the desert floor in a bid to capture your attention and more importantly, your money. At the southern extremity of The Strip - just to the west of the old McCarran Airfield (now apparently the Harry Reid International Airport) - sits the "world famous" Welcome to Las Vegas sign. "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vega, Nevada". The ultimate piece of neon design was installed in May 1959. A lady called Betty Willis, an employee of Western Electric Displays, came up with the design ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lincolnshire » Stamford October 3rd 2022

Whilst the second Elizabethan era is over, the first Elizabethan period is very much still with us a few miles south of Stamford, Lincolnshire. It was all quiet, as we headed south on the A1. Another rail strike affecting the usual timetables had not caused the good people of this part of the world to take to their cars. The usual Saturday morning traffic was seemingly heading elsewhere. We skirted off the A1 towards the centre of Stamford and ultimately Burghley House and found the traffic. It was here in the town centre. Stamford is an incredibly attractive town, but it wasn't built for today's motoring. We will return to Stamford later in the blog. Burghley House is a 5 minute drive outside the town centre and remains the best preserved piece of Elizabethan architecture surviving ... read more
St Mary's Church, Stamford
Burghley House

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lincolnshire » Lincoln September 14th 2019

I was scheduled for a group training to be held in Oxford, England, but decided to do a bit of sight seeing the weekend before and spend a little time with family. My training was not approved until the week before, so I had to scramble to make plans. Do I take the train or drive? Do I go south or north? Do I mark off big bucket list items or go for my own personal bucket list? After checking the train prices (YIKES!!!), I decided to rent a car. It was literally cheaper for me to rent a car for 8 days then to have a train ticket from Gatwick to Nottingham to Oxford - and a car gave me more flexibility. So, the second part was - where to go? I was able to ... read more
Lincoln Cathedral
Lincoln Cathedral
Lincoln - Cathedral quarter

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lincolnshire » Mablethorpe September 11th 2019

So where in the world is Gabby? Parked up at SMC having her service and her habitation check . Hopefully by now she will have had her oil drained and be full of new oil and a new oil filter . We hope nothing goes wrong and that she comes back without requiring any work . It is always a worry. We just want her back . We have dropped in on the Museum of the Horse and have now driven through the Wolds countryside. A flat land that ends in the North Sea. On the way in we pass the inevitable caravan parks that line the road. Golden Sands and Sea View. It looks like the old fashioned sort of Summer holiday. Mablethorpe bills itself as a holiday resort for kids and their parents and ... read more
A blue flag beach
The flower beds and the rather large bucket and spade

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lincolnshire » Bourne August 27th 2019

I like a lot of the place names in the UK, but whoever named the villages in Bourne were having a laugh when they came up with these ones. Ness and Rich, the bride and groom, live in Rippingale, or Rippers to those who know it well. Rippers is a quaint little spot with just one pub and only 5 rooms in that pub. These 5 rooms were snapped up quickly for the duration of the wedding festivities and I was a bit slow off the mark so I stayed at the hamlet down the road, Dyke. That’s right, a real place name! Dyke is set amongst the hay fields just a 20-minute walk from the outskirts of Bourne (what an ordinary name) and Sutho (best man) and I were the only two staying out of ... read more
Hay bails
Impressive old church in Rippingale.
The hill

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lincolnshire » Lincoln November 21st 2018

We headed towards Lincoln along the 46, the modern incarnation of the old Roman Road – the Fosse Way. A holiday place a few miles out optimistically stated Cathedral View, although the through the gloom and low cloud of this morning there was no real prospect. It was forecast to be a beautiful day later, so pretty much everywhere within miles of the city could make the view claim. At one time, the Cathedral had the highest tower in Europe. We headed round the very efficient ring road, which offers easy access to the older part of the city. We passed the Lincoln Imp pub, which has always amused me since I once noted somebody add a P on to the sign back in the days when I used to do the odd business appointment in ... read more
White Hart, Lincoln

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lincolnshire » Skegness November 9th 2018

Lao Tzu said that "Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes" Today was one of those days in our lives where we make a plan , slightly keep to it but lose sight of it quite quickly. Do you love the seaside? The sound of the waves crashing on the rocks on the harbour. The feel of sand like time slipping through your fingers. Memories of making sand castles , carrying the bucket and spade home, eating doughnuts and rock. Fish and chips. The smell of the sea, tangy in the air. The noise of the bingo callers and the excited children. The music that escaped onto the street from the penny arcades. Go on , you can think it - Penny arcades - now that's a long time ago. I don't remember going ... read more
The clock tower
Skegness is so bracing
The Jolly Sailor

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lincolnshire November 5th 2018

Somehow the name Bolingbroke and a load of them remind me of the character of Shakespeare in the comedy Upstart Crow written by Ben Elton . The word is used rather in a derogatory fashion referring to a part of the male anatomy . If you have not watched Upstart Crow you really need to. If you watched Ben Eltons creation of Blackadder then this is in the same vein with the same sense of humour . If you cannot say Bolingbroke without smiling then what can I say ? It is an Autumnal day here. I both love and hate Autumn. I love the crisp brown leaves on the ground which invite me to kick them. I hate to see the bare trees. I enjoy the cold crisp mornings when it is nice to cuddle ... read more
 A corner of the castle with latrine
Into one of the round towers
He spoils all my photos !!!!!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lincolnshire » Sleaford May 2nd 2018

The maintenance and modifications department has been very busy recently, rumours abound that a little trip is coming up. So here a few of the things which have been happening. The Heki rooflight has always had a small leak, probably something to do with the fact that they are designed to be fitted to flat rooves and our roof is curved, I do like a challenge. The rooflight was also damaged and had an orange mist over it, so it was time to replace it. After shaping pieces of hardwood to compensate for the curve, I used non-setting mastic to stick it all together and to the roof. It really is very sticky stuff and seems to be working well, there have been some heavy showers recently and no leaks have appeared. I previously used Sikaflex ... read more

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