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May 15th 2007
Published: May 15th 2007
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Hello Mates!

Well it has seemed like a long journey and we are only 8 weeks into it! Hopefully all the technical stuff is over and we can really begin to enjoy England and Europe. Our house is feeling more like a home everyday. We finally have high speed internet so that gives me more to do during the day. I thought I would write a blog to tell you a bit of what goes on around here. We live in the village of Scotter. We love Scotter! It has 3 pubs and Chinese take out, what more can you ask for?! We have gotten into a routine of going to our favorite pub, The Gamekeeper, every Friday. We have met some people there and they really like our "accents." Funny, I never knew I had an accent until I moved here! Scotter is located 10 minutes south of the city of Scunthorpe (aka "Scunny") and 10 minutes north of the city of Gainsborough. We're also 2 hours East of Manchester and 3 hours North of London. Riley arrived here a few weeks ago. 7 hours with my dad in the car, 12 hours on a plane and many
Our streetOur streetOur street

Street signs are very low to the ground. Makes finding the right street to turn on difficult. Thank goodness for Sat Nav!
more hours just sitting in his kennel, we finally got to pick him up. Sadly for him he still had another 3 hour car ride until he got home. He has settled in nicely. Still battling the allergies but, hey, we found his food here😊

Life here is definately different. The commercials on the tele can be very racey. Nothing like what you would see at home. Lots of nudity and not just on the movie channels-- Crazy! They even have boobs in the newspapers and magazines with out having a black cover up. They have a lot of the popular tv shows from America. Some are right on schedule with America and some are a season or 2 behind. I am having a hard time at the grocery stores. Not only are the measurements different but foods are named differently or they just dont have what I need. Not fun when I brought my American cook books with me which call for items not in stores here. Apparently they've never heard of Black beans. Sadly we miss Taco Bell. They have fast food but it's yucky McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, and Pizza Hut. Can't find any Mexican food here. They do love their fish and chips! I really like that most of the breads are made with whole wheat flour and there aren't alot of preservatives added into food. The pub food is generally really good so if we go out to eat it's usually at a pub. Driving isn't that hard anymore. Gas is about $7 a gallon here. Good thing Koi's company decided to pay for our fuel. Did you know that the legal driving and drinking age her is 18?

A few translations, for those of you coming to visit, that you may not have already known:
Queue = Line
Trolley = Cart
Mate = friend
Nappy = diaper
Lorrey = truck
Vest = tank top
Knickers = underwear
Surgery = Drs Office
Corriander = cilantro
Corrgettes = zucchini
Bonnett = Hood (of car)
Bog = toilet
Kerb = curb
Crisps = chips
Baked Beans = breakfast food
Tetley's = good beer
Magner's = yucky beer

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Our First Tank of Petrol'Our First Tank of Petrol'
Our First Tank of Petrol'

That is almost an $88 tank of gas!
The FoundryThe Foundry
The Foundry

A shopping district in Scunny
My 1st "Real" English BeerMy 1st "Real" English Beer
My 1st "Real" English Beer

Sure don't remember the name of it

Our new favorite.
Fish and ChipsFish and Chips
Fish and Chips

They serve the entire fillet including the skin! Don't forget the smashed peas
Neon Safety CoatsNeon Safety Coats
Neon Safety Coats

Everyone wears these neon safety coats here. No matter the profession or the location they are everywhere.
Weird SignWeird Sign
Weird Sign

We saw a sign like this in a village we were looking into living in. Decided too many old people, we wouldn't fit in.
Weird Sign 2Weird Sign 2
Weird Sign 2

Anyone notice the lump next to the sign?
Yes. . .Yes. . .
Yes. . .

With this "Toro" it's safe to mow in flip-flops

Our first trip to the butchers for steaks on the grill. BTW, that's our new "Weber"

The pheasants are fat here! You pheasant hunters would be frothing at the mouth for these birds

7th June 2007

Don't even think about picking up an accent!
I am glad to see that you've started acclimating to your new surroundings, but don't even think about picking up an English accent. I didn't work for Madonna, and it won't work for you. Just remember you're a Kansas born and raised girl, and you speak with a country "twang". Here's a phrase you can practice while you're over there; "Y'all, I kaynt bleeve da crik ain't gut mur feesh in't! Dat's f'shure." This roughly translates to, "All of you, I cannot believe that the creek does not have more fish in it! That is for sure." Keep up the good work!
26th July 2008

I'm a Scotter
Just came across this website. I find it interesting because my name is Scotter. I have found very few people in the U.S. with the same name. I would live to visit the town that bears my name. I also am surprised to see you have ringneck pheasants there! I hunted those all the time as a kid growing up on a farm in South Dakota, USA.
21st November 2008

Very interesting to read a foreign perspective on my home!
Enjoyed reading your blog. Being an Englishman myself, it's very interesting to learn just how visitors find our country. I hope you really enjoyed/are still enjoying it!

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