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June 27th 2007
Published: June 27th 2007
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A night out in GrimsbyA night out in GrimsbyA night out in Grimsby

Anyone notice the hand on the boob?! They got a nice laugh out of that at the office!
Lately we've been pretty chill. There has been alot of rain. Which makes for pretty miserable travelling/siteseeing conditions. Cold too--the weather keeps acting like April. I keep waiting for the summer to start and last night had the harsh realization that summer has started!! The weather just isn't cooperating. We have had major flooding the last couple of days. Tuesday was particularly bad. The river here in Scotter (we call it the duck pond) flooded. Some people in this region of the country are still flooded and homeless. Most of that is an hour SW of us. There is a damn that is about to burst too and there is still more rain in the forecast. We're still hoping for the best--the sun has to come out sometime! A couple of weeks ago another one of Koi's coworkers moved over. He has joined us in our quaint village of Scotter. We've been busy helping him get settled in. Great addition to the group. We made it to some new pubs in other towns. We went out for bowling and beers with a group of people on Koi's project. Then went out w/a few of the same people this past weekend.
My bowling shoes. . . My bowling shoes. . . My bowling shoes. . .

I was the only one w/velcro!
Fun people to go out with--very entertaining!

So I have been asked many times by you there in the States what I have been doing to keep myself occupied. Well let me tell you. I have enrolled myself in my own school, the 'School for Bored Expat Housewives.' Would you like to know what courses I am taking? Sure you would. I am taking a course in photography(just bought a new book today!), a continuing education course in Pilates(to renew my certification), and a course in the wizardry of Harry Potter. That's right, I'm reading all the Harry Potter books. And for those of you who know me well, I don't read. So to keep me reading I set a goal for myself. I want to read all books, in consecutive order, and have read the Order of the Phoenix before I see the movie. The books are really good, much better than the movies so it has been easy thus far. It's after I get done w/the Phoenix that will be the real challenge. No movie to look forward to for a while😞 But there is no excuse for me not to read, so I will keep on
Night in GrimsbyNight in GrimsbyNight in Grimsby

Stacey, Andy, Andy, Koi,and Rob
keepin' on. Of course there are always the good ol' standby's of scrapbooking, the gym, and shopping to keep my busy too. I also spend alot of time surfing the web for our next big outing. So much to see in England alone. It's great!

I have been saving the best for last. I wrecked one of the cars. So lately I have been driving back and forth to the "Car Clinic" to get it repaired. Now this was not a huge deal. Just a huge pain in the A! I was pulling into the driveway at Riley's vet clinic and thought I was good to go but a brick end post jumped out and bit the car. Pictures are below. Our rental car, while the Vectra was being fixed, was a Nissan Micra. Our name for it was the "Mr. Bean Car." Loved it!!! The car we have now is too big for this country and obviously I don't drive it well. The Bean car was fabulous. Perfect size. I could still fit groceries in it's minuscule trunk, sorry, boot.

We have some future trips planned. As long as the weather clears up, we will be taking
Smoking ban strart July 1st.Smoking ban strart July 1st.Smoking ban strart July 1st.

Every pack of fags has a different label on each side. Would you smoke if you had to read this everytime?
an awesome day trip this weekend. We are also planning a Greek Island Cruise, a trip to Bath, and a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland to get us started with longer trips. Of course London will be in there somewhere too. We'll keep you posted. Hope you are having better summer weather than we are here.

Later, ~S

Additional photos below
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Is that a bathroom pass?Is that a bathroom pass?
Is that a bathroom pass?

This is Chris' hotel key. That thing is huge! Had to put it in :)
The River CrescentThe River Crescent
The River Crescent

This was the highest we saw our street flood(on Tues). If you are able to see, the neighbor has water up to his garage door.
. . .Duck Pond After Flood. . .Duck Pond After Flood
. . .Duck Pond After Flood

You're looking at the same bridge as in the pic before
Ducks are ok!Ducks are ok!
Ducks are ok!

They are across what is normally a street playing at the waters edge
Night in Brigg_1Night in Brigg_1
Night in Brigg_1

Richard, Sam, and James
Night in Brigg_2Night in Brigg_2
Night in Brigg_2

No that's not the peace sign. It's James flipping us off.
Night in Brigg_3Night in Brigg_3
Night in Brigg_3

James, Sam, Stacey, Becci

27th June 2007

Y'ought to take advantage of the abundant H20 and go kayaking. Or canoeing. Or perhaps a good old-fashioned tractor-tire tubing get-flat-wasted float trip. It could be the "field experince" portion of your new school's curriculum. The final "exam" would be a blog entry to describe the experience to all of us stuck in the 100-degree-plus heat+humidity index here in the Midwest USA. It's like swamp arse around here! So jealous of your April blues.
28th June 2007

Okay I really like the Bean car that is so cute and can totally see you driving it! Koi not so much! The water that close to the house is a bit scary but makes for great photos! Seeing all the photos with you , Koi and your new friends is sad! That should be us!!!! Miss ya! Stacey you know I can send you all 10 seasons of Little House to pass the time!!
28th June 2007

I'm so jealous
Hey Stacey, Koi, Julia and Porkchop...Scott H. just sent me the link to the blog. What a GREAT idea!!! Now you can share your adventures with all of us "Married with (rotten) children" folk and we can live vicariously thorugh you guys. I was in England in 1984 on a high school honors program. I LOVED it. Looks like it hasn't changed much in 20+ years. Enjoy every moment. You guys will have stories to tell for a lifetime. AND, you will make friends that will stay with you for a lifetime as well. Take care and keep adding to your blog. It's fun!!! Jamie

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