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August 6th 2017
Published: August 6th 2017
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After packing my bags and saying goodbye to the Hereford gang Charlotte and I headed off for the drive to Leicestershire. Our first destination was a journey of 182 klms so it gave us plenty of time to chew the fat reminiscing about old times.

We were off to meet our sister Karen and brother Stuart at the Chesney Arms in Gaddesby for lunch together and more reminiscing. Obviously with me living across the other side of the world for the past 51 years it's not that often that the four of us manage to get together. So it's an extra special time when we do so for which I was very grateful. We had a lovely lunch and enjoyed getting to know something about our lives since we'd last met.

When it was finally time to leave and each head our separate ways, Charlotte and I went to Rothely to meet up with Ann Baxter - who lived opposite us in Mill Rd, Rearsby - and her partner Chris. So it was a pleasant surprise when we arrived to find that Cynthia- who also grew up in Rearsby - was there too together with her partner Mel. Then, Ann's sister Sally turned up so there was yet more reminiscing to do, much of which related to the years that Sally, Ann, Cynthia and I attended King Edward V11 Grammar School at Melton Mowbray. By the time Charlotte - who is eight years younger than me - went to High School it was to a school in Thurmaston which was also the High School my other siblings Karen and Stuart attended.

After much chatter and a few cups of tea we were treated to another meal before we had to say our goodbyes. This time we went to Rearsby, just a few klms away to visit Charlotte and John's block of land which is behind the childhood home we Shippam's grew up in. On the said block is a double garage - full of 'stuff' - and a few fruit trees. Since Charlotte and John have sold the land, with settlement on 6 August all that 'stuff' has to be moved to Hereford before then!

A quick visit to see Rearsby's old Seven Arched Bridge - which my dear old dad used to tap dance over when he was a boy - and to have a look
Lunch in the Chesney Arms; Stuart, Karen, Michelle & Charlotte Lunch in the Chesney Arms; Stuart, Karen, Michelle & Charlotte Lunch in the Chesney Arms; Stuart, Karen, Michelle & Charlotte

Pecking order: Michelle, Karen, Stuart & Charlotte
at Rearsby's churchyard before we were off to Loughborough to catch up with Charlotte's son Nicholas (always known as Nick) and his son Hadley. With an offering of more food, this time a delicious Bakewell Tart and another cuppa, it was eventually time to head off again. Our last stop was Syston where John's sister Sylvia had offered to put us up for the night, the reason being that the drive from Syston to Stansted airport, from where I was flying to Copenhagen, was less than two hours whereas it would have been nearly twice that had we driven back to Hereford. So it made sense to leave from Syston bound for Stansted.

With Sylvia going out in the evening, Charlotte and I settled ourselves in front of the TV to 'veg out' before heading off to bed. Then on Sunday morning Charlotte drove me to a busy Stansted Airport to catch my plane to Copenhagen and she drove back to Hereford. Another little adventure was about to begin!

Thanks to Sylvia, Nick, Hadley, Ann, Sally, Cynthia, Chris, Mel, Karen and Stuart was making my last full day in England so memorable. And an extra special thanks to
Sally, Michelle, Ann, Charlotte & CynthiaSally, Michelle, Ann, Charlotte & CynthiaSally, Michelle, Ann, Charlotte & Cynthia

All but Charlotte attended King Edward V11 Grammar School
my darling baby sister Charlotte for driving me here, there and everywhere and enjoying the adventure with me!

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