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October 7th 2009
Published: October 7th 2009
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I've been genuinely touched by all the lovley best wishes from friends and family in the last few days. Its only a few days now, and god knows what! I will see all you cool people again soon. Some of you have kept me sane in the last couple of years in what has been a big transformation in my mental and spiritual life. You know who you are - love ya all x


9th October 2009

Mentalised and spiritual bullying
I would like to think that -I- mentalised (jenny-ism) you ;) Spiritual bullying is not my scene tho. Have an awesome trip - won't be the same here without you to annoy me LMFAO. Hugz and sloppies, Jenny XXX
14th October 2009

Are you nearly there yet?
Hello, How is it??!!
15th October 2009

right well this is a bit or a pretentious start my friend ?? hoping you are indeed improving your mental state ?? (cheeky) anyway tell me how things are where are you staying a mud hut ???? I do enjoy your buddhist comments however try to keep them to a min or I may become very sarcastic !!!!! my bathroom looks fantastic thanks for asking !!! hope you are having fun happy days Jessica
30th October 2009

Sweet mate, sweet! Miss you man, look after yourself. I will find out otherwise!

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