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August 31st 2009
Published: August 31st 2009
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First off, welcome to our Travel Blog, glad you could make it. For those friends and family who are here for (hopefully) regular updates about what mischief we’re getting ourselves into in foreign climes then if you click on the “subscribe” button near the top of the page you’ll get an automatic notification when we manage to crawl off the beach/out of the bar long enough to update our blog. For those of you who just happened to stumble across this while sat at work avoiding doing anything work-related (I well and truly know that feeling), then feel free to subscribe too - make us feel popular!

Following the format of one of the many travel blogs I’ve been reading at work whilst daydreaming of life in exotic countries, anything written in bold will be Cate’s words of wisdom (Cate-isms), anything not written in bold will be my ramblings.

After months of shall-we, shan’t-we, and much debate about where to go, when to go and how we’ll cope with spider encounters (well, mainly how I’ll cope), it seems that we’ve actually managed to stave off indecisiveness long enough to get something booked.

We’ve both been fortunate enough to have incredibly generous employers who have given us the green-light to take a 6-month sabbatical and still have jobs to come back to (although it remains to be seen whether my employer will even notice I’m gone!).

In just under 80 days we’ll be flying off into the unknown. All that’s left to do now is the small matter of buying a few choice items for our journey (some backpacks would be a good start), organising a few bits and bobs, and coming back down to earth following a hectic (and brilliant) August.

Hmmmm, given I’m a certified slacker (Harry Award Winner© 2001) I guess Cate’s going to have a busy few months!

Our route (for those of you who are interested) will be a little something like this:
Northern Thailand
Southern Thailand
Australia (East Coast)
New Zealand
UK (Home)

I’ll leave Cate to have the last word, I’d better get used to that now we’re married …

Well, after a week or so of Matt annoying different travel companies with questions about prices, visas, insurance, routes, types of tickets etc, we finally decided to use STA travel to book our flights. We set off into town and after waiting for an hour and a half in the shop, (something I suppose we should get used to), we booked our flights that will enable us to travel the world. How exciting!! And scary!!

As a test, we’ll try to put up a blog and some photos of the Wedding and our Honeymoon to NYC …

Matt & Cate x


14th November 2009

yay im the first to comment :P have a really good time sister and brother in law and come back safely!! :)
23rd November 2009

hope ur both having fun!! looking forward to seeing pics soon!!! XX
17th December 2009

who's this anonymous person???

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