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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire » Glenfield September 4th 2012

Well, we returned home by Friday evening, all buzzing from our trip......some unpacking, some food, and some seriously broken sleep marked the first night home....and indeed a post noon-awakening from our fitful first night back! Then a nice evening out with Paul, Caroline & Deborah before catching up with the Dr Who....all good.....and then another night where I slept but the children really didn't (& hence nor did Christine). Luckily we were off to the London Olympic Park for Sunday at the Paralympics....which was a tiring time: puzzled (& intrigued!) by the goalball, admiring the basketball & enjoying some tennis, all in all a Grand Day out..... & a return that saw us all get a reasonable night's sleep: jet-lag be gone! So a final look back.....USA 2012 has been a massive adventure for Family Walters. ... read more
Mike & Nick, 30 years on...
Mike & John, 10 years on....
We Made It!  (another 6am start...)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire » Glenfield August 31st 2012

Every book has an ending, & so too will this blog. Wednesday evening soured a little when I received emails from United kindly telling me we were checked in: ooh goodie! But on opening their emails I soon discovered the buggers had ignored the fact that we had paid eight months ago to upgrade all our return seats to "economy plus", and had instead lobbed mine to the back of the craft. B'stards ! A phone call later and a nice chap called Phil explained it as "a computer glitch", and now he could only put me in the middle of a row. Oh great. We'll aim to get to the airport early and try to sort that out. ho hum.....bit of a low for our last tired evening to end on! Thursday dawned with the ... read more
Inside the Pez Museum - fascinating!
Largest Pez in the World (until Jan2012!)
Preston's Finest Shakes

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire » Glenfield July 26th 2012

Well, time flies......only seems yesterday when Christine & I got married on a beach in Mauritius with some friends & family around us, when suddenly we realised our son was heading towards his GCSE's (aged 16)....and we had never taken him or his sister to the States. Not even Disney. Disneyland Paris doesn't count ! Despite me having worked for US companies for almost 2 decades. Shocking really......bad parents! Anyway, the realisation hit us before Christmas, and we figured it was time to give them a taster of the USofA. Only we weren't too sure where to take them. I've seen 30+ States through work and student holiday jobs (travelling fun fair & tobacco picking !), and really wanted them to get the feel for how diverse the Country is. So we decided. Start on east ... read more
West Coast

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