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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Maidstone July 30th 2016

The English summer has disappeared on us and it looks like we will have a drive today that will have some rain in the mix. Never mind we wouldn’t really want to change what has been just an OK summer for the BBA V3. After breakfast we sorted out a place to have a family photo with Jean and Stella and then we were on our way to Maidstone in Kent. It has been a lovely two days staying with them and for us we have had someone other than each other to talk to. Although the horizon was a bit hazy we took a stop at the parking area we had passed by a couple of times yesterday just to take in what the multitudes of passengers in their cars were looking at. The view ... read more
Thatched roof house,Southwick
The Golden Lion,Southwick
Naval radar training facility,Portsmouth

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Maidstone June 8th 2015

The drive to Leeds Castle was a little easier than yesterday’s as Bob and the Tomtom managed to find wider roads. Before we set off Bob phoned the new satnav company and informed them we would be sending it back as soon as we are home again as a satnav which doesn’t know where the satellites are is not really fit for purpose. Clarissa our friendly Tomtom is feeling much happier now she has been brought out of retirement. We arrived at Leeds Castle just after 10am and shortly after it had opened for the day. Lovely big carpark and plenty of room for Tandy. The grounds of the castle are wonderful and extensive. It’s a good 15 minute walk up to the castle and longer if you take your time as we did, just enjoying ... read more
Leeds Castle Black Swan
Leeds Castle has a full moat
Leeds Castle - me posing

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Maidstone January 17th 2014

The day has finally come......We have a date to fly!! We have been waiting for what seems like months to have a date to move. I was at the point that if 1 more person asks me "do you have a date yet?" I was going to scream!!!!!! Now we are on count down! The packing is almost finished, yay. It is hard work when you have a 2 year old helping. William thinks it is Christmas again with all these boxes around and as I am taping each up and putting the lables on, he is going around opening each up!! It is amazing just how much "stuff" we have. Oh my god, the things I have kept "just in case" but I have been ruthless and we have thrown so much out and have ... read more
our cats
our cats!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Maidstone January 6th 2014

This is my first time writing a blog, so here goes! My name is Lindsay and my family and I are moving to China is 3 weeks! We will be living in a town called Teda, near Tianjin. We have been so busy packing up our things, Christmas and yesterday was our leaving party (and a joint birthday for our son Matthew who will be 7 in March but wanted a party with school friends!) Now the clock is ticking!! We had a short trip to China back in Dec. This was our first time in China and we had a great time! We found an apartment, sorted out Matthew's school, my husband Andy spent a couple of days at the plant he will be working at and we had a good look around!! It was ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Maidstone December 17th 2012

So there is two days to go until my adventures begin! Im wrapping up all the odd ends here and starting to pack. Next time I write on here I will be in Bangkok - Thailand!!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Maidstone August 23rd 2011

i've been foraging in the undergrowth to get some survival rations... i found a gigantic-mini cucumber & rustled up a bear size snack ... yummmmy scrummmy... read more
cucmber baguette

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Maidstone August 15th 2011

All that travelling has been exhausting. i decided to catch up on my zzzzs before my next adventures... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Maidstone August 14th 2011

Here i am in the undergrowth exploring intrepidly - I've heard there are 3-4 wild creatures frequenting this area... must keep an eye out for them... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Maidstone August 13th 2011

what to pack? what to pack?? t-shirts - check shoes - check suncream - check ooo- and a malaria net to sleep in too do i need one pair of pjs or two?? ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Maidstone August 12th 2011

One more sleep to go... but soooo much packing to do... ... read more

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