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September 16th 2006
Published: September 16th 2006
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Hola,well its come to end of my prep week before i go and i dont think ive ever crammed so much drinking into seven days.It all started in Manchester last Weds with a farewell meal with the lads.After eating our fill and wadling to the pub to watch the England game the drinks started flowing,namely sambucca and i think Mr tequila reared his ugly head.At closing time there was the hardcore who fancied a bit of town action and feeling slightly wan*ered we piled into a mini bus.As we approached the door i could see the face of the duty meathead change as he scanned my flipflops and cut offs, followed with the "Not wearing those mate"sentance that he must have said for the thousanth time.Piling back into the taxi we decided on a grungy student club,if i couldnt mix in with a stinking tax dodging bunch of longhaired students then what has the world come to!Melon head #1 looks at my flipflops and pipes up"Cant let you in in those" and mentions something about health and safety,this in a club where people headbutt each other on the dancefloor.Having given up on a final piss up in Manchester everyone slops off towards the mini bus which is where i saw him,propped up against the side of the club asleep.Lets call him,well lets call him what he was,a tramp.After a quick chat and a small exchange of money trampy had a new pair of flipflops and i was the proud owner of steptoe's trainers.The bouncer after pissing himself let me in and ive got to say my trainers looked the newest in there.
That was Weds night,I then had to get up and get to piccadily station for that nights fun and games with the lads from work and its been pretty much like that except different places.I think im gonna turn into a pint soon.Take care and write soon,G.
P.S hair looks good Mike.And like shaggy said,"IT wasnt me" Ange!!!!

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