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May 21st 2006
Published: May 21st 2006
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Shelly's PartyShelly's PartyShelly's Party

This is our Canadian friend Danny
G'day everyone. Well if you haven't heard the gossip already, here it is: Luke and I have broken up. If you want the details you can email me. All I am going to say is that we are both better off and we are both very happy now being independant. So please don't spend any time worrying about either of us because we really are doing fantastically!!
Well not much travelling has been done since my last blog, just thought i would add a few photos of some of my friends over here in the sunny UK, although not so sunny of late :-(
It's been raining the last few days, but before that we have had such beautiful weather. Tshirt weather!!!
Anyway, last weekend we had a big one. On the Friday night I went with my housemates across the parking lot to Shelly and Danny's apartment, for Shelly's 26th birthday. It was a great night just relaxing after a stressful week at school!!! It was only a small gathering of friends so it was nothing big, but I enjoyed myself.
Saturday morning Mel, Loren and I had to get up really early to get into London for a "photo-shoot"
Shelly's partyShelly's partyShelly's party

This is the birthday girl, Shelly!!!
by 10am. Loren won a competition for her and 3 friends to be pampered (hair and make-up done) and have professional photo's taken. We had a lot of fun and ended up getting two photos of ourselves each, plus one each of the three of us together. They get enlarged to A3 size and are air brushed to make us look beautiful! Woo Hoo!
Anyway, I also had a chance to catch up with my close mate Josh while we were in London. Planning to head back into London soon to spend a weekend with Josh who is going to show me a night out, should be cool!!! He has a job now and a place to live so has settled in really well!
Saturday night was a big one! We had some people over for drinks and then headed out quite late (about midnight!) to our favourite local bar called The Tap and Tin. They play my sort of music on Friday nights, but because it was a Saturday they were playing all retro tunes, which was really fun. We stayed untill we were kicked out and then headed to a big outdoor party in the middle of nowhere.
Shelly's PartyShelly's PartyShelly's Party

This is Mel and Cat (Cat teaches with us at Hundred of Hoo)
A "rave" so-to-speak.
It was very strange walking through the dark forest in the middle of nowhere in England!! The path was lit up with glow sticks, I couldn't help but laugh, as this was not the sort of thing I would usually do. Anyway, we came to a clearing where there were many people dancing around. It was quite a good night, but once again I was the babysitter, the sensible one, looking after my mates and making sure they were ok while I sobered up. We didn't end up leaving the forest party until 8:30am in the morning!!! Nuts! Anyway, it was an interesting experience.
Not much else has been happening. There is only one week left of this school term left and then I head to Scotland and Ireland for a tour in my school holiday. Can't wait!!
We have been going out to the Tap and Tin most weekends as it is a lot of fun and cheap. They play really good music and we usually spend the whole time on the dance floor!!!
It is a little strange having to learn to be independent again, but it is also a lot of fun and a big learning curve for me. It is exactly what I need to do, and will allow me to grow as a person i think, as cheesy as that sounds. SO, I will leave you with that, and please don't worry about me, I am absolutely fine!!! In fact, I am brilliant.

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In LondonIn London
In London

Mel and I after our "make-over"
In LondonIn London
In London

Busy London
In LondonIn London
In London

This is how busy the shopping area in London is - ALL THE TIME!!!
In LondonIn London
In London

Meeting up with Josh!!

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