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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Ashford July 15th 2011

With precisely 102 days left to go, that’s just under 15 weeks, I’m sat here at my desk wishing the days away, staring out the window acting like I am busy, as I am, of course, supposed to be working. It makes it just that much harder knowing that I’m going away to get any motivation together. It’s also stunning outside and I know weather like this will become the norm soon so I’m not really appreciating it to the fullest! Nor am I appreciating the endless work conversations around me. I just want to jump up and go now! Or at least be able to talk about it! And It’s getting harder and harder to keep my big mouth shut...OK so I told Alana straight away, then John, Andrew and not directly to Lynn but ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Ashford October 1st 1999

At 16 you haven't really done anything in life but I knew I wanted to do a skydive from a very young age, the youngest legal age to skydive in the UK is 16 so I thought what better way to celebrate then to skydive, I looked into how to book a skydive and found that I could raise money for the National Deaf Children's Society at the same time. Sponsorship raised, date of the jump booked and I got up early to go to Headcorn, I chose the wrong time of year to do it, it was October when I eventually got around to booking it and when I got there I waited for a few hours only to be told the weather was too bad and we wouldn't be able to jump today. I ... read more
Just out of the plane

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