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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Ashford July 12th 2017

The campsite in Orchamp was expensive for what it was. It had the bear essentials, like showers, loos and fresh water, but was quite run down. But this was irrelevant, as it sits on the Euro Velo 6 cycle route that will take me straight into Dole. I set off at about 9:30 as it was about an hours ride into town, and the heat was already sweating me out. I had moved the bike into the shade of the van to clean the chain, as after the wet ride in Germany the gear set was pretty clogged up. But even here the heat was building, so I made a start along the cycle route. It runs along side a large canal with a couple of locks along it, with trees and cliffs to make this ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Ashford June 10th 2017

So the next day I went for a bit of a ride around Salisbury centre just to burn some time. Then at around 11 I parked up at a local Harvester and waited for Steve to arrive. Due to the weather being dry, but next to zero sunshine my batteries were really on the low side, so I left the engine running while i was waiting in the carpark, as the trip to the Verwood site near the new Forest was only 20 miles, so next to no charge from that. When Steve arrived we had brunch at the Harvester, before heading to the site. Verwood was a nice site, but the only way in to town, was down a busy main road, or via a bridle path that went all over the place to get ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Ashford September 6th 2015

Geo: 51.1484, 0.875563We woke up about 8:30am. After coffee, I gave Paul the grand tour of the farm. It was comfortable and sunny today – a nice change. Allison left with their friend John to go retrieve the new horse for Libby. Paul and I helped Michel build the sofas for the living room. Then Minstrel arrived, which was very exciting. He is a beautiful and well-behaved horse. After a brief lunch, Paul and I went for a long tromp through the countryside, along the public footpaths. I figured where I went wrong last time: it was very helpful having Paul's GPS. We walked through fields (some grass, some fallow wheat), through the local manor's deer park (which was enshrouded with ferns…it looked like SimPark gone wrong), then over a very precarious stile, through a marshland, ... read more
Public footpath
Public footpath
Public footpath

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Ashford September 5th 2015

Geo: 51.1484, 0.875563I woke, surprised to see that the family was still here. They had apparently left at 3am as planned, but the motorway was closed for maintenance. They ended up delayed because of detours, then missed their train. The next train was two hours later, and they would have missed the funeral anyway. So they opted to come home, instead of driving for nine hours for now purpose. While they all worked around the farm (pulling down trees, taking care of horses), I went for a walk on some of the local footpaths. I wasn't out long, as I was charged with bringing bread home for lunch, and I didn't want hungry workers waiting on me. I got the bread, chatted with Paul, then went out again. I had a map of the trails in ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Ashford September 4th 2015

Geo: 51.1484, 0.875563After morning coffee, we went to get Iggy, who was unruly and got away from us. It doesn't bode well for tomorrow, when I need to bring him in myself. Just after lunch, we drove Libby down to see a horse that is up for adoption. It had been abused, then turned over to a trainer, who loves him but can't keep him. He was a very sweet horse – jumpy but willing to trust. He had soft eyes, and it felt like he just wanted to be loved. Libby is looking for a project, not a show horse, so it seemed like a good match. We will return on Sunday to get the horse, whose name is "Minstrel" – a lovely name for a lovely horse.Late afternoon, we walked to the shop in ... read more
Pemsey Farm
Pemsey Farm
Pemsey Farm

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Ashford September 3rd 2015

Geo: 51.1484, 0.875563I slept in until 8am, but woke feeling refreshed. We had coffee, and Libby had already let the horses in. (Because of flies, horses are kept in the field at night during the summer and in the stables during the day. It switches in winter.) We then went to run errands: to the hardware store for chain to keep the bad person from switching on the electric fences, some plumbing supplies to help hold the jumps in place … and then to the outlet mall, so that Allison could get a sweater to wear for the funeral on Saturday. We also bought Cornish pasties for lunch (which we took back to the house.)Just before lunch, one of the two vets scheduled to come today arrived. Allison is going to use one of the livery ... read more
Pemsey Farm jump
Pemsey Farm jump
Pemsey Farm

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Ashford September 2nd 2015

Geo: 51.1484, 0.875563Landed; second in line but first through immigration. I had time to make one circle of the baggage carousel before the next person arrived. My bad was one of the first 15 or so. Grabbed it, exited, and then caught the train to St. Pancras Int'l. Had to wait about 15 minutes for the train to Ashford Int'l (and saw my seatmate going through the turnstiles while I waited for my track to be called). The trip took about 40 minutes to Ashford (arrived right around 9am, so just under 3 hours from touch down). Allison met me and we drove to the farm.Which is charming! The main part of the house dates back to the late 1400s (and is listed), and is just as crooked and wonky as you would expect. The kitchen ... read more
Allison on Iggy
Allison on Iggy
Allison on Iggy

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Ashford September 1st 2015

Geo: 51.1484, 0.875563and on the flight to Heathrow... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Ashford July 18th 2015

Somehow everything managed to fit in with space to spare. Great use of the roof rack too. Trial run went well, and still no problems with Derek (the car)... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Ashford July 19th 2011

Welcome to the Peru expedition blog! Hopefully everyone is ready to go and has either a packed rucksack, or a rucksack surrounded by a huge pile of clothes and other essentials for four weeks away!... read more

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