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June 13th 2012
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St Michael the Archangel ShalfleetSt Michael the Archangel ShalfleetSt Michael the Archangel Shalfleet

Kathy standing at the bus stop in front of the Church - if I had only turned around and taken a picture of the New Inn directly behind me
Shalfleet was an important stop because it seemed to be a likely home for our Richard Door of Portsmouth, New Hampshire - the Parish records reveal a strong family history of the Dores up to and after 1645 (0ur Richards presumed birth year). Richard Dores appear in generation after generation, and a good number of the Dores are tailors.

Unfortunatly, by the census of 1841 there do not appear to be any Dores in the Parish. I was unable to find any Dore gravestones in the Church of St Michael the Archangel's graveyard - perhaps a closer look might find some, but the older grave stones are difficult to read.

My great regret is that I did not take a picture of the New Inn pub across the road from the Church - winner of the Best Dining Pub in the Isle of Wight for 2012. We had an outstanding lunch - so much so that I forgot to take pictures.

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St MichaelsSt Michaels
St Michaels

The main entrance to the Church
St Michael GraveyardSt Michael Graveyard
St Michael Graveyard

A view of the North side of the Churchyard - I was unable to read most of the older tomb stones
St Michael EntrySt Michael Entry
St Michael Entry

Note that one of the windows is stained glass - apparently a fairly recent addition. The Non-Conformists under Cromwell did not approve of stained glass and smashed many of them - no reason to think Shalfleet escaped
Handicap entranceHandicap entrance
Handicap entrance

This is an entrance to an addition to the Nave - its about 5 1/2 feet high
South side of Church needs mowingSouth side of Church needs mowing
South side of Church needs mowing

It has been some considerable time since the weeds have been cut back
Church Tower (ca1070)Church Tower (ca1070)
Church Tower (ca1070)

This Norman structure built about 1070 originally had no windows or other entrances, a ladder provided access to the top - it provided protection from pirates - a cannon was added to the top sometime later
Shalfleet Cottage near Bridge NShalfleet Cottage near Bridge N
Shalfleet Cottage near Bridge N

A tailor with the name Dore once lived in a "cottage under the bridge" - could this be the site?
Shalfleet Cottage on South side of BridgeShalfleet Cottage on South side of Bridge
Shalfleet Cottage on South side of Bridge

This building on the South side of the bridge - By the way it is for sale... (asking $366,000)
Shalfleet Bike Charging STAShalfleet Bike Charging STA
Shalfleet Bike Charging STA

My only photo of the New Inn (ca 1743) - seems like A handy feature for the Inn - Why not recharge your bike while downing a pint - though I never saw any electric bikes
Caul Bourne Stream downstream fr BridgeCaul Bourne Stream downstream fr Bridge
Caul Bourne Stream downstream fr Bridge

Looking downstream from the bridge the stream has been channeled from here to the mill, about a 1000 feet or so
Shalfleet Mill StreamShalfleet Mill Stream
Shalfleet Mill Stream

Just above the dam, there must have been a lake here
Shalfleet Mill DamShalfleet Mill Dam
Shalfleet Mill Dam

The ancient Shalfleet Mill is long since out of service
Shalfleet estuaryShalfleet estuary
Shalfleet estuary

Tidal estuary not suitable for anchoring but very handy for wildlife
Shalfleet QuayShalfleet Quay
Shalfleet Quay

The Shalfleet / Newtown Harbor was once a safe and important port
Shalfleet HarborShalfleet Harbor
Shalfleet Harbor

Many of these boats "take the ground" at low tide
Tide going outTide going out
Tide going out

A small boatyard seems to be active - they have flat bed trailers that you can run your boat on at high tide, then are pulled out at low tide

They seemed to be coming to see if we had handouts
Newtown City Hall Newtown City Hall
Newtown City Hall

The settlement at Newtown predates the Norman Conquest. Newtown was once an important port, but never recovered from a French raid in the 14th century
Main Rd between Shalfleet & NewportMain Rd between Shalfleet & Newport
Main Rd between Shalfleet & Newport

A main East - West road on the IOW narrow but in good repair
Farm near ShalfleetFarm near Shalfleet
Farm near Shalfleet

On the way to Newport - a very tidy farm

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