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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Herefordshire » Hereford May 17th 2016

Hello and welcome to our travel blog. So, Ali and i have decided life is for living. We are fed up of working to pay the bills! There must be more to life than this? We have given ourselves 12 months to save up, buy a campervan, pack up the house and head off around Europe for 12 months!!!! 12 months of no work yippeeeee. We thought we would set up this blog so you can see what we're up to. Plus it will save us a small fortune in postcards and stamps 😉. ❤️ T&A... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Herefordshire » Hereford June 10th 2014

Having fallen in love with pictures of stunning countryside, we decided to spend our week’s holiday in Hereford between 10th and 16th May 2014. As we would go to the Cotswolds or Cornwall, we took the train from London Paddington. The Paddington –Hereford line ran past beautiful countryside and honey-coloured villages via Oxford, Moreton-in-Marsh, Evarsham, and Worcester. Mark had booked the B/B hotel and printed out the map. Our hotel is at the edge of Widemarsh Street; it was very convenient to access to the city centre and bus/train station. Widemarsh Street led us to the High Town, the city centre. We strolled through High Street and Broad Street, and reached the Tourist Information Centre near the Cathedral. Mark picked up the information leaflets and bought maps. There were a wide range of local products, accessories, ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Herefordshire » Hereford June 10th 2014

On15th May, we went to Queenswood Country Park, located between Hereford and Leominster. We bought a map of the Country Park & arboretum in the shop and started exploring. We were both interested in going to the viewpoint, and followed the footpath on the Lime Avenue and Jubilee Walk towards the destination. It was a very clear and sunny morning, and it allowed us to see wonderful panoramic views of the county, from Malvern Hills in the east to the Black Mountains in the west. After taking photos, we went back to the trail, stopped at summer garden, autumn garden, redwood grove, Queen Elizabeth Grove, and Oak Avenue. There were a wide variety of conifers, wildflowers, shrubs and trees growing healthily on the arboretum. We saw carpets of bluebells and buttercups at the foot of trees, ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Herefordshire » Hereford September 15th 2013

It is with a very heavy heart that i am writing this Blog. Avril aka Skim lost her four and a half year battle with cancer, On the 28th of june 2013 at St Michaels Hospice Hereford. I lost my soul mate, lover, wife, travelling buddy and most of all my best friend. So this is not only letting the travelblog community know what has happened but also a tribute to Skim. I would like to share with you Avril's letter she left for family and freinds this was read out at her funeral. Kick in the tail Friends always know when you're feeling down. They know when you need them to come around - They're always there at the end of the phone. They listen; they're everything; a special day of sunshine, Or a sunflower ... read more
On a train in Malaysia 2007
I can see you

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Herefordshire » Hereford June 23rd 2011

23rd June 4pm Hereford Day 16 Now anyone reading this that has an aptitude for geography will note that Hereford is not in Wales. This is because I have decided to take a few days off from my coastal trek, mainly at the behest of a certain young English lady who decided to take a few days off work and requested the pleasure of my company while doing so. So far be it from me to deny a lady her wishes, and always being willing to see more of the great British countryside, I boarded a train at Milford Haven this morning and made my way back on to English soil. After all, I figured I’ve earned a bit of R&R after the last few days (not that I really have to justify myself to anyone, ... read more
Drowned Rat
Hard a' Starboard
Milford Misbehaven

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Herefordshire » Hereford April 15th 2010

Thursday 15.4.2010 day 183 Volcanoed in the UK Today there was a Volcano in Iceland and due to the ash in the air drifting across the UK and Scandinavian all air space in the UK was closed so no aeroplanes could take off or land after midday today till at least tomorrow. We do not know when they will be able to fly again and it will take a long time to shift the back log of passengers. We are hoping it will not affect our flights in 4 days time. There are 1300 flight out of Heathrow a day so that is s lot of flights to catch up and that if saying they can fly tomorrow. Instead of going out today we keep an eye on the news, worked on our computers and I ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Herefordshire » Hereford April 14th 2010

Wednesday 14.4.2010 day 182 6 months (in a leaking boat?) We have been on our round the world trip for 6 months now. We are ½ way there. We are so excited to get out of the UK and to the next part of the trip next week. We sent some extra things back home and went to Dean Forest. There was lots of sheep everywhere we also found an Inage mine that we had a look around. ... read more
Photo 52
Photo 32
Photo 12

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Herefordshire » Hereford April 13th 2010

Tuesday 13.4.2010 day 181 Catching up on jobs Today we repacked our bags to send back home and did some searching on the next for the cheapest way to send it home. We also book our last 3 nights. ... read more
uk 430
uk 426
uk 429

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Herefordshire » Hereford April 4th 2010

Sunday 4.4.2010 day 172 Easter Sunday We woke up and turned on the TV to see the Formula 1 in Malaysia as we have been to that track only about 6 months ago it was fun to see it again on TV. It was also good to see Mark Weber come second and Red bull get one and two. Today we had a look around the area that we are staying we drove to Herford which is our closest big town everything was closed for Easter but the streets were busy. We needed a few things so we stopped at a servo and got things and then went home. When we got home we did some washing and started to pack up a bag to send back home as we will not have a car for ... read more
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