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May 16th 2008
Published: May 20th 2008
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train sign. *credit to Jeanne for this one.
We were set free for the weekend to do what we wished, and, after initally planning a trip to London, a few of us set off on a road less travelled. We were headed to the famous little town of Hay on Wye, where there are many unique vintage bookstores. After two hours on the train we stopped in Hereford, planning to take up a one hour bus ride in the morning.

I absolutely love taking trains. In southern California, I take the train often to Orange County, Santa Barbara, or even Anaheim. However, in an effort to make my travelling case a little lighter, I left my ipod nano and the book I planned to read. Considering that the ipod is only a few ounces, I was moderately teased for my line of reasoning.

So, as I was sitting there, taking little notes in my tiny notebook to amuse myself, the English girl next to me casually said, "Would you like my magazine?" I was so surprised that I wasn't sure she was asking me. It took me a minute to say yes, and she quickly explained that she was done reading it. THe magazine is called Graza
The Green DragonThe Green DragonThe Green Dragon

Where we stayed in Hereford for one night
and is a weekly fashion magazine, costing 1.90 pounds. She let me keep it to show my friends in the US. As she went along to her next magazine, we were quite a pair, both young ladies reading fashion magazines. One might have even thought we were friends if you had merely glanced over. She was actually really nice; there was an article about the Prime Minister and what UK girls thought of him and I asked her to explain it to me. Politics seems to be more casually spoken about here in the UK.

We arrived in Hereford rather late and instantly noticed that the town was just crawling with youngsters wearing innappropriate clothing. After the classy, sophisticates from Oxford, I was a little disappointed by the youths in (or travelling to) this town. We passed by nightclubs aplenty before we found our beautiful, little hotel.

Ruthlessly starving at this point, the problem was that we were looking for dinner quite late. After being told that the pubs were no longer serving food, we made our way to an Indian restaurant with a very friendly waiter. He insisted that we "go to some clubs," and told us
The hallway in the hotel where our rooms wereThe hallway in the hotel where our rooms wereThe hallway in the hotel where our rooms were

I love little bells. No longer functioning, at one point they were used for room service.
that many Americans go there to frequent the clubs.

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The room...The room...
The room...

had a trouser press
The hotel's signThe hotel's sign
The hotel's sign

The Green Dragon
The little dragonThe little dragon
The little dragon

at the top of the hotel

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