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October 14th 2008
Published: October 14th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

Well, the house is getting emptier, every couple of days Andy and I take a few boxes to the storage unit. So far so good the items that I have packed I have not needed - but that probably tells a story in itself about how much material objects we surround ourselves with and how much of that we don't really need, nice to have though :-)

I have been through my wardrobe, the clothes that I am taking with me are currently in a pile on the bed in one of the bedrooms, I have packed a load of clothes to go into storage, all carefully wrapped in Tissue paper and packed into a shallow box - I hope that is enough to keep them in good condition. There is a massive pile of clothes waiting to be given away to charity. The storage unit is air conditioned so I have no concerns about everything getting damp and mouldy (unless the roof starts leaking), but it is all insured.

We did the same with Andys clothes at the weekend and there is still more to do.

We move out of Conway Close on 24th October, whatever is left in the house on that day will come to our bed and breakfast with us where we can continue to sort through things, decide what to keep and put into storage. Anything surplus will find its way to the tip or to charity.

So today I will be continuing to make spiders homeless, it is cold outside and a feel a little guilty to put them outside, my brother tells me that I should take them to Australia with me. Hmmm.... I don't feel comfortable with that, I think Australia has enough to contend with and how would I explain that to customs? I am sure it won't be long before they find their way back indoors again!

We have one car between us now, Andy is still working so he is using the car for work, I feel very grounded. Yesterday I took a bus home from Southampton after a visit to see my bank manager (thanks Keeley for the lift in!), the bus journey wasn't too bad but it cost 2.70! Andy reminded me that it is still considerably cheaper than running a car, especially the one that I just sold.

I must get on with packing things for now - I am almost out of bubble wrap so that would be a good excuse to have a rest.

Take Care

Ps. Don't tell Andy but I have found the link on the internet which will allow me to catch up on Desperate Housewives....


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