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October 24th 2008
Published: October 24th 2008
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And so it begins; well things were proceeding as normal, I got through security and all of the precautions that I've come to expect when finding my way through an airport. I waited in the seating area quietly listening to my ipod and keeping to myself, intently listening for the annoucement to start boarding. Although I remembered at that point what my mum and dad always said which was: "we're all getting on the plane either way," but I still wanted to get on as soon as possible, just habit I guess haha! The plane was a little more packed than expected but still I'm getting on a plane to England so what is there to complain about right? Not at first anyways... As I moved down the plane towards my seat, nervously glancing forward to see if someone has sat in my seat by accident or some double booking misfortune occurred. Well there was someone sitting in my seat but we took care of that easy enough. However the little girl and her mom who I was sitting beside started to become a problem. Not only did they not speak english but the mom had a hard time controlling her little one and stop her from pulling my hair. So after a couple of warnings from the flight attendants about her little girl walking around the seat when the seatbelt sign was on I decided to inquire about possible upgrades. Sure enough a seat was available in the class above where I was and as the little girl attempted to make me a balder man once more I decided it would be worth nine hours of peace. So I was helped towards the front of the plane and sat in a much more comfortable seat with a fold out foot rest, no one sitting to the left or right of me and a large selection of free perks. So as I sat in this very comfortable new situation and I waited a few hours for the flight crew lead to come and collect payment. I don't know how or why but somehow the flight attendant who had helped me move had convinced the flight crew lead that I was dealing with a very annoying situation in my previous seat and so I did not deserve to be charged for my relocation... she then came and notified me that I would not be charged for the regular 200 pound upgrade becaue she noticed my previous seat was less than a fun time. I'd also like to think she thought I was good looking as well but she would never admit thats why she asked for me not to pay anyway haha! I very much enjoyed the rest of my flight and was also very quick to be let off the plane. On top of all my good luck they let me into the country and my luggage was the first off of the conveyer belt. All in all I would say the trip over the big pond couldn't have gone better.


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