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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Sale April 4th 2013

Well, aside from a few family holidays (which we may get around to blogging about at some point!), we sadly haven't done much in the way of travelling since the end of our big trip. I just thought I'd post a quick blog, though, to introduce our new arrival. Elin Marie arrived on Valentine's Day and became the newest love in our lives. Baby sister to adoring Clara, she truly is gorgeous. We are looking forward to many happy times ahead with our two beautiful girls and to inspiring them to adventure and travel as they grow. Hopefully we will have some more travel to blog about soon...... read more
First day
Open eyes...
Our family

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Sale June 22nd 2011

I can't quite believe it’s been almost 2 years since we returned home after our 27 month trip around the world which we liked to think of as our honeymoon (although we're not sure how many other newlyweds end up in bunk-bedded dorms on their honeymoon!) This isn't a traditional ‘travelblog’ in the sense that it doesn’t really involve us visiting anywhere new and exciting. Where do we start? Well, we rented our house out whilst we were away and, when we returned, our tenants wanted to stay on a couple more months. This suited us pretty well giving us time to find jobs and start to fill up our much drained bank account. Mark's sister and her husband kindly offered to put us up for a few weeks in their home in the beautiful Peak ... read more
In our hands...
True love...

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Sale January 17th 2010

Sunday 17th Janurary Well the time has finally arrived for me and Fiona to start our travels around the world. Im using this blog as a practice so when we are away i will be more efficient and familiar with writting them. I hope you will enjoy reading our blogs along the way and follow our progress. For those who know me will understand that i will try and add a bit of humour whenever possible but will also try and make them serious and have some interesting information. I feel that i am now ready for this travelling experience i have packed and re-packed my stuff (to the amusement of most people) to make sure i am well practised in the art of fitting all the stuff in. I am pleased to annouce i have ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Sale August 14th 2008

So, we've packed in our jobs (well, Mike did at least, my contract just came to an end), we've moved out of our our house of 3 years and now we are in Sale at Mum and Dad's house poised and ready for the off! The backpacks are packed, we've even checked in for our flight to Singapore online! It's a bit weird, it's still not really real but here we go anyway. First thing tomorrow morning Mike's Mum & Dad are coming down to take us to the airport (mine are in New Zealand, I don't just have lazy parents) and then off we fly to Singapore! We get in early Sat morning Singapore time, or late Friday night UK time and we might even update this then, just because the internet is free in ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Sale November 12th 2007

So a little while since the last update, it is now 47 days till i leave blighty and 9 working days, although currently i wish the were no days left at work and this refers to the bad in the title. Currently my company are taking the piss as they got a replacement in for me about two weeks ago and now she is up to speed on all the systems and has got all my work. So where as i was the dept gopher on top of my own work, im now the office gopher and have none of my own work im doing boring days of data input and today i was archiving files that i have been jammed away some where for like seven years. I had files today that should have been ... read more
Moi :)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Sale October 19th 2007

Click Clock?............yes thats the sound of my countdown and yes D-Day is getting closer day by day. At the moment its 25 working days to go and 70 days till i hop on an American airlines flight to my first stop excited to see the big apple:) So i joined this site called Couchsurfing back in March and the crux of this site is to make this world smaller and help out fellow travelers and so i was thinking i might need to hostel it in NYC, as i kept getting turn downs from NYC Couch Surfers or CSer's as i call em. Well now i have 5 offers and not sure who to choose yet, but looks like i will get to meet some cool people and see lots of stuff in NYC...yippeee. So ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Sale September 25th 2007

Well the title sums up my thoughts to my weekend i just had in Denmark with my girlfriend Randi, Randi is such a great girl and i really liked all her friends and the Danish are genuinely friendly and the little part of Denmark i saw i really liked. So the start of my trip did not start so well, after a flying start with a taxi that got me to Manchester airport in 23 minutes and this including some traffic and stopping so i could get cash out...........dohhh, yes i forgot to get cash before getting a taxi but hey thats Well my flight was due to depart at 18.15 and so i rushed through security( i only had a hand luggage bag) as i had already checked in online and selected my seat, ... read more
Randi's Party
Randi with a cheeky Deer:)
Me feeding a fearsome Buck

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Sale September 14th 2007

Well 105 days till i leave the UK and head out on the road/air/sea and anything else transport runs on/in or Well i managed to find the travel clinic on Wednesday and left £45 worse off and a saw arm in tow.....lmao, as im traveling so widely it was suggested and not advised as such to possibly have the rabies injection. Well its £45 per injection and three are needed and it does not prevent rabies and it only buys you time to the hospital, but then when you are the is no cure for it seems pretty pointless. I was suggested to take Doxycycline which is one of many anti malarial drugs, but pretty cheap compared to some like marrolone and my girlfriend was suggested marrolone. Anti malarial's work in different doses depending ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Sale September 6th 2007

So since my last blog entry the have been some High's and some Low's, but Gran Tour/trip HQ is still in motion heading for d-day and i could not contain the excitement if i had the worlds largest jam As per previous entry's i have been a regular user of Ebay and Paypal, but a recent awful incident has soured my relationship and i would heed anyone reading out there to tread with caution using either service provider. it all boils down to me wanting to purchase an Ipod 80gb video for my impending travels and as i had purchased an Ipod for my friend from Ebay and my sister had gotten hers from Ebay i did not consider the consequences. Im the sort of person that wont get anything unless i have the money ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Sale August 18th 2007

Time again for an update on my impending Trip/Tour of a substantial part of the world:).......... so on Thursday i went to the health center to discover what injections i would need and what malaria tablets i would require. So left early for my 5.30pm appointment and got the early and did not get to see the nurse till gone going really well already and then it turns out i can have a hepatitis A booster ( Had my first Hepatitis injection before my trip to Thailand in January) this booster gives me protection for 10 years and then a Hepatitis B injection ( i need two more boosters before i go), the nurse then advised i would need to check online at the likes ofFitForTravel and check what other injections i would need, as ... read more

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