Bye Bye Bee Bee!

Published: May 30th 2009
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BeeBee in the boot!BeeBee in the boot!BeeBee in the boot!

BeeBee has decided to pack herself!
We're still busy getting ready for the trip although it doesn't really feel like its only just over a week away and that its really going to happen to us. We feel like we should be really excited as we're just about to live our dreams on the trip of a lifetime but it hasn't really sunk in yet.

We went down to Somerset to my Mum and Dad's to give them our most precious items including a very special delivery - BeeBee. Check out the picture of BeeBee trying to pack herself for the journey! Don't worry, we didn't pack her in the boot really. The thought of a 4 hour journey with the cat was a bit of a worry but after some advice we didn't put her in the cat box (which she hates) and just kept her loose in the car. After a few manic minutes she crawled onto the parcel shelf and snuggled up there for the duration. Considering that we have the wimpiest cat in the world, she seems to have settled in really well with her Grandparents, who I think will like having her more than they'll let on! The house now feels very strange without BeeBee around. We don't have a furry bullet escaping from the front door when we get home from work, our best clothes are no longer used as the comfiest place to sleep, we don't have to shut the spare room door to make sure the bed isn't used as a scratching post, but mostly there's nothing to keep us company when one of us is away for work.

We've said lots of goodbyes in the past couple of weeks which is sad. We will miss our friends and families enormously but we promise to keep in touch. Its very exciting that our loved ones are planning trips to come and see us whilst we're out there in the big wide world - something which we will really look forward to. Everyone else - prepare yourself for a big old welcome home party on our return!

We have both pretty much finished work now with one day left for each of us this week. The rest of the week will be manic with last minute preparations, DIY and packing but we'll try to add another blog entry just before we go. From then on we'll be blogging whenever we can to keep you up to date. This will be great for you as it will mean you can escape from endless hours of stories and photos when we get back!

Hugs to all,
Loads of love, Chrissie x


23rd March 2007

Bon Voyage
We will be thinking about you on Monday as you begin your fabulous adventure. Have lots of fun and stay safe. We will miss you heaps but look forward to catching up on the blog and especially when you return. Loads of love Primmy and Ped xx
26th March 2007

exciting times!!
Wow!! You're probably in your first exciting destination by now, can't believe how the time has gone! You are going to have the most amazing time. Can't wait to catch up with you both in Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia, never know it might be all three!! 'Chrissie with a house'? Maybe it should be 'Chrissie with a backpack' or 'Chrissie with a guide book' now!!

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