Christmas night in Seoul

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December 25th 2009
Published: October 1st 2017
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The flight to Nartia was boring -- but that's good. I read, watched "Up!", flipped through a magazine, and even slept for about 30 minutes. We landed over an hour early in Narita.

Which just meant more waiting ... but at least it was waiting where one could walk around, stretch, look at the window at something more interesting than solid blue. Paul and I walked to the end of the terminal, to an empty section, with very high ceilings, and a lot of glass, which seemed very inviting. We got coffee from the Starbuck's and settled in, to try to figure out how to convince our bodies it was only mid-afternoon, instead of bedtime. We found a free wireless connection (using IPass), so kept ourselves amused on Facebook and with email.

Flight to Seoul was also on time ... and we were upgraded! It's a short flight (3 hours or so), but we were so exhausted that we were grateful for the chance to lay out almost flat. And for the champagne before take-off. In fact, between the champagne and the exhaustion, I extended my seat right after wheels up and don't think I was conscious again until they called for landing prep into Incheon.

We took a cab the LONG distance in to the downtown. It was snowing in gusts, and a little snow was sticking to the ground. The fog, however, made it difficult to see more than a few isolated red crosses, seemingly floating in the distance. Our roadway was lit by a stretch of iodine-colored light, and I felt as if I were being transported through a place of limbo to my destination.

After sliding down an icy road, we arrived at the hotel. The kids had already checked in, so we took our room ... and were extremely disappointed. A cheap couch and cheap chair, lined up against a wall constituted the "comfortable living space." So we asked for a different room -- the one we have is much better but still not what was promised. It will do. For now.

We dropped bags in our (new) room, and went up to the kids' room to say hello. It was great seeing Keegan after all these months -- his hair is very long, but he's still not too different. I can't wait to hear about his trip. But that will have to wait until tomorrow, as we are all exhausted. And so to bed.

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Paul, striving for perfect connectivitiy ... Paul, striving for perfect connectivitiy ...
Paul, striving for perfect connectivitiy ...

Notice both the Blackberry and the laptop with wireless access

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