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December 24th 2009
Published: October 1st 2017
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It was a very clear day in Lafayette -- cool, with wind, but we had little time to enjoy it, as we needed to leave for the airport by 8:45am at the latest. It always seems that, no matter how much you prepare the day before, the To Do the morning of departure list is very long. But we got through it all -- and, if we didn't, it's too late now -- and headed towards the airport. We decided to drive, given the recent increases in BART fares. My parents will pick up the car when they return in a couple of days.

No lines at Bag Drop; security was also fairly easy. We got coffee at the Il Fornaio cafe, then wandered back to the gate. It was almost time for the flight Paul and I were on to board ... Kyla, lucky girl, had a direct flight.

We had Econ+ seats ... and I gave up my window seat to a young man, carrying a cat in a box. He was taking that cat (plus three others, who were in the hold), to his mother who just moved to Singapore. (The cat was fine most of the trip ... but really began to freak out when we came into land in Narita.)

The flight to Nartia was boring -- but that's good. I read, watched "Up!", flipped through a magazine, and even slept for about 30 minutes. At some point, the day ended over the international date line ... but we were chasing the sun the entire time, so we had very extended daylight hours with an arbitrary date shift in the middle.


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