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August 14th 2015
Published: June 22nd 2017
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Today we slept in and then boarded a taxi around 10:55am and were at Geneva Airport within about 10 minutes. Upon checking in, the British Airways agent offered us seats on an earlier flight at noon (it was then 11:14am). We were supposed to depart at 1:40. We decided to "take the deal" and whoa baby was it a deal.

After going through expedited security, we noticed that the gate was closed at 11:40am. It was 11:41 am at that time. We grabbed our gear and hustled through the maze of passageways and escalators toward gate B34. Coming around the corner, we saw a line and thought it looked like we might have to catch a bus. It turned out to be passport control. Yikes. Jeannette ran to the front of the line, saying "pardon, pardon, pardon" to get to the front. The man was not helpful but someone basically let us cut in line to the eyerolls of others. It wasn't our fault, though, the airline put us in this predicament. Once we cleared passport control it was another mad rush to the gate, where the ticket agent who booked us on the earlier flight was now boarding passengers. Jake let him know he took us for a ride. He didn't care much.

In any case, we made it onto the plane which has brought us here to Heathrow where we had to go through yet another round of security and questioning before we could proceed to our terminal. We are now waiting to board our final leg back to O'Hare and those comfortable places we call home.



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