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May 15th 2012
Published: June 17th 2017
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Today I'm not feeling 100% so I decide to stay at Lugascello while the girls visit Orvieto. What a mistake that turns out to be.

At 11.30am I went back to sleep until about 1.30pm. I need to hang some washing out so I go out the back door and the door blows shut behind me. Shit!

I know there is a spare key in a lock box outside. Thankfully G had mentioned she would remember the code as the house manager is 10 years younger than her. It takes me a few minutes to work the code but I have the key.

The key won't go in the lock. Not the front. Not the back. Not any door. The keys are still in the doors on the inside so won't open.

For the next FOUR HOURS I am outside working out what to do. I check all the windows, twice. I try the locks at least a dozen times. I try to slide sandpaper down the door, and also plastic tape. I have no shoes on and the roads are pebbles. The phone is inside. I come up with two options but need to wait for the girls for their input: smash a window and hope I can get it fixed straight away, they look pretty specific to the house; or find a very long ladder and climb up to the balcony at my bedroom as I have the doors open. I wait. And cry.

The girls eventually arrived and thankfully Sue had the manager's number in the car. We make it his problem! He sends the neighbor around with a small crowbar and he is able to jimmy the door open after many attempts. He had done this for previous guests.

I am so relieved.

We end up having a pretty big night tonight and Deb and I sat up late drinking for quite a while!


17th May 2012

Am in my glass bowl laughing at your traumatic day...give me a break, am not in italy!
17th May 2012

Funny!! I want to know where you found sandpaper and plastic tape, Ms MacGyver??
17th May 2012

G singed the ironing he was chuckling so much as I read out this one!!!
21st May 2012

No Italian to the rescue? 4 hours is quite a long time. Hope you did not get a cold. Oh well, the drinks aftetwards would have killed of all the bacterias

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