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August 13th 2015
Published: August 13th 2015
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So, yesterday after all my years of coming to England I finally bit the bullet (the cost) and went to see Stonehenge. I'm glad I didn't have my own car because the lineup to get in if you don't have a group ticket is insane.

So yes. Stonehenge. Very pretty. I would love to do the solstice or a sunrise/sunset because in terms of photography it would just be lovely. Oh well.

I then went to Old Sarum - the remnants of the oldest settlement in the area. It was ok. It was included in my bus ticket to Stonehenge so in that regard it was worth it. They were doing some kind of "knight training" for children lol so that was kind of cute. There was like an egg hunt, these bow and arrows and of course they got little costumes. Aw.

I puttered around Salisbury and then headed back to London. I stumbled upon a Tiger store... I don't quite know what to compare it with but they're few and far between and I love them!! Got a few quirky little things I can use in my classroom this year. Excellent.

Then last night was Bakkhai - with Whishaw in it. Very odd, but very well done with a great cast. Whishaw was great, as was Carvel who I knew I knew from something... sure enough he's in Sherlock! Anyway, he was really brilliant.


Today I had a very lazy morning. My first nonearly morning in over a week which was a thing of beauty to not set an alarm and just roll with it.

Early afternoon I met one of my friends from when I lived here - my theatre buddy. Shit weather for a meet up - it was absolutely pouring rain today... not the usual most or what not. I hid in a bus shelter waiting to try and keep somewhat dry.

We went to this traveller photography exhibit which was really cool! I love travel photos - doesn't matter if they're landscapes, people, animals or buildings - they all tell a story. And there were certainly a lot of beautiful ones there.

After that we just kind of puttered about. Grabbed a coffee and caught up - then went for a long walk through Kensington Gardens. (Thankfully it had stopped raining at this point!)

And of course, tonight, was the repat of glorious Hamlet with equally glorious BC who I shall not fully name dare I risk a repeat of the Susan Boyle entry that somehow got 296 views lol. Sitting 5th row almost dead centre was a great vantage point - BC was on point and gave it his all. I've seen other versions of Hamlet that I've preferred in terms of direction/production but there is no denying how beautiful the set was. The cast is excellent. I think some parts were a little misplaced and over all there weren't that many moments that truly grabbed me... but I still enjoyed the play and let's be honest, it was just a fun experience to be able to see him at his finest craft, up close and in person.


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