Aug 11th - Last day with the London Pass

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August 11th 2015
Published: August 11th 2015
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Another busy day! Started at the Royal Mews - I got there just as it opened so it was nice to not have to queue. The Mews are where the royal carriages are kept and stored, and where the horses are stabled. Since it's summer there weren't really any horses... just two. The rest go out to the country for a nice holiday 😉 The carriages were quite interesting to see... just how detailed they all are. The Golden State one was just next level insane to see - all that gold. It's a wonder that four horses are able to move that thing.

Next up was Kensington Palace. I've been in the gardens numerous times and have never wanted to pay to enter the building so I did today with the Pass. It was nice - not much else to say.

From there I decided to head back to the zoo. I've been before but I figured that was a good way to wrap things up. I really enjoy the London Zoo - they have exhibits that are proper exhibits and not just box rooms.

I spent a good chunk of time at the tiger exhibit. The big boy was trying to get a hunk of meat down from the tree and the poor bugger batted it so hard it did a loop-de - loop around the branch. *hangs head* he stared at it for a good chunk of time as if trying to plot his next move. He finally just jumped up and basically sat on the branch to bat it back around. Good kitty.

Also spent a lot of time with the giraffes. I love watching them eat if only for the fact their tongue goes every which way.

I usually spend quite a bit of time with the primates too but there was a baby gorilla so the gorilla area was insanely busy... I just couldn't be bothered. I did however spend quite a bit of time in the new lemur habitat where you get to walkabout and they just chill up on the ledges... or right in front of you depending how camera shy they are 😉 I love lemurs - so adorable.

Their okapi was very people friendly - she kept putting her nose up against the glass as people walked by. The kangaroos and otters were sleeping (and cute) as usual.

I also watched a few of their bird shows - mostly owls, falcons and buzzards. It's late now so I'm running out of steam to describe haha.

Ok and then I saw Hamlet, but I'll save commentary until I see it again on Thursday with one of my friends... I'm curious what a second viewing will do to my opinion of it.


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