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August 3rd 2006
Published: September 11th 2006
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My new roomMy new roomMy new room

(yes - tidy for the photo - but still tidy now!!)

My New Home

After a month in the UK, I have realised that it is too hard to e.mail photos home with the slowness of Yahoo!, so I have decided to enter the world of blogging so I can make everyone jealous of my adventures in the northern hemisphere.

Perhaps seeing my home base won't quite work on the 'making jealous' front, but here it is anyway....

For those of you that are interested in such things, I am living in Clapham, which is south of the Thames on the Northern Line for those of you who know London. My flatmates are Adam, who is the owner of my cool new home and a mate of mine from Sydney and Marc, a friend of Adam's from Sydney. Most of the other people I know from Sydney live north of the river, and I have already been hassled about my suburb choice because I am on the wrong side of the water (particularly because Cammeray was - allegedly - on the wrong side water in Sydney). Of course, I do not agree with either assertion!!

Have spent the first few weeks relaxing and not worrying too much about the job hunt. One great thing about London is all the free museums, so there is plenty of culture available to keep me busy.

In an effort to keep up a bit of fitness and take advantage of the flatness of London, I have purchased a bicycle. My first ride was lovely. My second, not so much. I can’t really explain what happened, except that one minute I was riding along thinking, ‘I am so brave to be riding home on the streets after riding all the way into town ’ and the next I was on the ground, having skidded and fallen!!! Luckily, the bus behind me stopped in plenty of time (truth - not poetic license to make story better).


Palms - 2 grazed
Knees - 1 grazed
Hands - 1 thumb stubbed (exactly like the stubbed toes of my youth) and various other scratches
Trousers - 1 ripped
Pride - 1 dented
Bike - no obvious scratches

Injuries are healed now and have learned valuable lessons:
- I am an unko on the bike; and
- Pride really does go before a fall!!

I guess, at least,
Gross bike injuriesGross bike injuriesGross bike injuries

Not very attractive
I am well on the way to becoming a real cyclist now.

Anyway - here is a gross photo of my injuries - a bit 'stigmata of the Christ'


20th December 2006

Hi Neddy, you're such a modern girl. I'm loving the blogging concept. The rooms tidy, great to see the outside of the home as I asked Ad to describe it when he was here, now I have actual visuals. Good move getting a bike, but OUCH about falling off it. Palm grazes are the worse.Enjoy, I look forward to seeing your Chrissy shots in the cotswolds and NYE in the swiss alps. Merry Christmas xxxxx
3rd January 2007

Hey Neroli Have just logged on to find the photo of your stack on the bike - nice one - you never did anything half arsed did you? Well my latest, Brett and I have just gotten engaged. He proposed on New Year's Day. Very special! Hope you are well. (Stick to the tube and you cant go wrong!) Love, A x

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