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April 30th 2005
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Changing of the GuardsChanging of the GuardsChanging of the Guards

Buckingham Palace
Hey guys,

Well since the flat and work things are started to get a bit sorted, thought I better get some more sightseeing of London in! So took off into town, down to Westminster, and hopped on one of those red bus tours which takes you around all the main sights, up on the top deck its a great view of the city.

Hopped off at Buckingham Palace in time to catch the changing of the guard, which was a real 'im in London' experience. Experiencing the same thing with the other 100,000 tourists, but that didnt bother me, its all part of it, awesome to see.

Did a walk around St James park, and through where the Mounted Guards hang out (sorry I do read signs but I always forget the proper names of things, you'll have to try and keep up with me!) and got a big surprise walking through the gates, and there were all these tourists crowding around these two mounted guards, their uniforms were really amazing, and the horses very well behaved! one guy got told off as when he was getting his picture taken, he grabbed and lent on the reigns of
Mounted GuardMounted GuardMounted Guard

(He's got a proper name, not just 'Mounted Guard', someone help me!)
the horse! of course the horse (a poet and I know it) didnt like it and the guard told him off, surprised to see the two guards were actually quite young looking? Im sure they're proper soldiers and all, but I kinda wanted to see if they wanted a hot chocolate and a cookie or something? (yes yes all I really wanted to see was hunky guards).

Did a walk down and around Big Ben and Westminster (which Ive done before but I still think its all pretty cool) then hopped on my free (not really free I did pay £16 for the bus ticket) river cruise, and saw London from the Thames, which was really nice, and the commentary was quite funny as when they were telling stories about different areas they had to also play cheesy 'theme' music, like they were telling this story about a KGB agent getting assasinated on Waterloo bridge, and they played this dark russian soundtrack. I spose you had to be there.

But had a really good time, enjoyed being a tourist, as Ive kinda just been 'living' here the last couple of weeks, and that felt strange, like I'd come all this way to shop for weekly groceries, and rush off to work. But hey thats all part of it. (By the way I realise I say 'thats all part of it' all the time at the end of my blogs, will try and come up with something more creative soon.)

Anyways heres some pics Ive taken today, and over the past few days. Miss you all!!


(PS Lou, I posted your birthday pressie today, just because Im moving flats next weekend and I thought I should lighten the load, but your birthday is not for 6 weeks, and I know you'll try, but please dont open till your birthday!!!!) wuv u.

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My House, in the middle of our street...My House, in the middle of our street...
My House, in the middle of our street...

My house Im in at the moment, is the one with the green tree out front. (Moving to Clapham next week.)
Local ShopsLocal Shops
Local Shops

These are the shops up the road, this is on my way home from South Ealing Station.

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