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September 24th 2012
Published: September 24th 2012
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Nervousness, apprehension, excitement. These are but only three of the words which can describe our feelings as we approached the run up to the countdown of the beginning of our trip last week. 8 months travelling around Asia, a region which we both love and have visited on a few occasions, but feel we still need to scratch much deeper than just the surface.

And now the day is here! After months and months of planning, researching, saving, packing up our flat and belongings and saying goodbye to family and friends, we are sitting in the Virgin Clubhouse Lounge at Heathrow airport waiting for our 1st class 12 hour flight to Tokyo! Thanks to the air miles Scott has racked up over the years by flying to San Francisco for work we were able to upgrade our flight to 1st class, and what an experience we have had already...

Fast track check in (even though they did look at us strangely when we hauled our rucksacks onto the check in belt!), straight through security, into the Clubhouse lounge where we had a delicious breakfast of Eggs Benedict and Eggs Royale, followed by Bucks Fizz and a complimentary manicure (Vic) and a hot shave (Scott) - what a great start! We are now waiting for the lunch menu to come into play before we board our flight - got to make the most of this experience!

We were up until 3am packing (as usual, we left things to the last minute) our final bits up and only got 3 hours sleep, so we are really anticipating our beds on the plane now! We think we have over-packed (as usual), but our bags are not too heavy and its hard to know what to take for a long trip like this! We don't think we have forgotten anything though which is good for us 😊

Our very loosely planned itineary over the next few months goes something like this -

Japan 2 weeks,

Hong Kong

China 4 weeks,

Vietnam 4 weeks (north to south)

Thailand 4 weeks

Laos 2 weeks

Cambodia 2 weeks

Thailand 1 week

Philippines - 3 weeks +

Malaysia (Borneo) - 2 weeks

Malaysia (mainland) - 2 weeks

Indonesia - 3 weeks

Thailand - 2 weeks

We will be updating our blog as much as we can while we are away, first stop - TOKYO!

ps - Thank you to all our family & friends for being there for us these past few weeks, we love you and will miss you - The last few days have been emotional! x

pps - Your comments mean a lot to us whilst we are away so feel free to write on here whenever you want.

ppps - Hope you are all having a lovely Monday morning at work 😊

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24th September 2012
At least it fits...

Guys just wanted to wish you all the best on your fantastic adventure, would like to say I wasn't jealous but we all know that would be a big fat lie!! Jodi and I look forward to sharing in your adventures and hearing about all the amazing experiences you have.... Scott, hot shave I take it that was the face or dare I ask :-)
24th September 2012

Just two words - isanely jealous !!
Have a great trip guys looking and really forward to reading of your adventures on the blog - keep us posted with life and times in Asia !
24th September 2012

Missing you already
What a way to start the trip, first class.....well jel. Have a fantastic trip and a wonderful experience, stay safe and well and most of all enjoy it all xxxx
24th September 2012

Thinking about you
First thought this morning was, wow you two should be enjoying the first class lounge and then off you go. Exactly as you said, exciting but with nerves thrown in for good measure too. What an adventure you have planned. I think it is brilliant but be safe whilst having an absolute ball! Keep in touch as much as you can please, if only for your dad's sanity!! So have an amazing time, lots of photos and blogs as usual please, as we enjoy reading them and visualising your experiences. So big kiss, take care and let the adventure begin, lots of love Amanda and of course Daddy! xxxxxxx
25th September 2012

I think I'm a little hooked on that travel related nervous excitement you described! Safe travels and looking forward to reading about your adventures :)
4th October 2012

A manicure and a shave? Now that is style! Good luck to you both and once on the Asia mainland and Philippines get in touch for tips (or check our blog). JEALOUS!!!
19th October 2012

Finally I can get stuck in
Scotty and Toria, I cant believe you have been gone almost 4 weeks :-( am missing you muchly and have a nice lil day off to finally catch up with all your bloggies to date as forever get distracted trying to get stuck in at work!Not helpful! Your start sounded amazing, and most impressed scotty finally decided on the most appropriate jeans and converse!lol he did make me chuckle that evening. First class sounded divine although not easing you in very gently to the backpacking culture! Much love and now to read through all your excitment as I sit in front of the fire and still bloody cold xxxxxxxx

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