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August 4th 2012
Published: August 4th 2012
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What an end to an amazing 5 days! On our last day in the Olympic Park we saw: Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Tyler Clary and Missy Franklin swim. Then, we walked over to the Today Show set and saw Matt interview Carmelo Anthony and Savanah interview Mary Lou Retton and Aly Raisman. We were on the right side of the crowd surrounding the barrier. Our sign was waving and we've been told that we were televised.

It was an incredible experience and a true inspiration to watch such skilled athletes. Our event tickets included men's gymnastics, tennis at Wimbledon, men's and women's basketball, and swimming. This entry will be a day by day summary of what we saw.

The park was beautiful and so well planned. I'll plan to do an additional blog on the park. There is so much to share. In typical British humor, the locals had nicknamed many of the buildings. There was the Pringle (Velodrome), the marshmellow (basketball arena), the bubble (gymnastic arena), and the wave (aquatic center). Walkways leading through the park were incredibly wide and allowed for easy pedestrian movement. Landscaping was done with fields of wildflowers that were beautiful. The views from the top of the Orbits Tower were fantastic. Plus, it was environmentally sustainable. There were water stations located around the park where you could fill your water bottles. Trash containers were labeled for specific recyclable items, and walkways and bridges were made from reclaimed materials.

It was a great week and we had a blast!


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Day 1 - Gymnastics in the BubbleDay 1 - Gymnastics in the Bubble
Day 1 - Gymnastics in the Bubble

aka - Greenwich Sports Arena

4th August 2012

Wish I were there
So glad you are having a great time. Sure your sad to miss our yoga but some one has to fill the seats. Looking forward to your next posting.
4th August 2012

But, did you see the kid with a big afro? (My son Thomas.) He got to watch one of the fencing events. Glad you had a great time!
4th August 2012

maria sharapova
Ron stay away from my woman!!!! Ha! Ha!
5th August 2012

London 2012
Great that you saw a good variety of sports at the Olympic Games. Your photos really captured being there. Michael Phelps - what an absolute legend, it is an honour to see him swim. I noticed you attended the Basketball - I actually saw the 1992 US Dream Team play their quarter final at the Barcelona Olympics - Barkley, Bird, Jordan, Johnson, Pippen - that was also an honour to attend such a game!
5th August 2012

Wow! You guys shine and rock.
What a fantastic experience for you both. Sounds so exciting. I watched those interviews and looked for signs in the crowd, but didn't see yours. Oh, well......thanks for sharing.
6th August 2012

Hmmm. Be sure to see Jessica the British Heptathalon winner and tell her I love her. I'm sure you have full access. Cliff
7th August 2012

Olympic blog
Wow! You guys have done wonders in experiencing the London Olympics. Congrats. Glad to hear that your are having such a fantastic time. Hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly. Don

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