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February 2nd 2012
Published: February 2nd 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Apologies dedicated readers (Mum) for leaving it so long since my last blog. So many things have happened in the last two weeks, but the main one that stands out in my mind is the SNOW!! It all began as Bianca, Kiri and I jumped on our bikes after a few drinks to ride to a party. As everybody at home (and now Bianca and Kiri) knows, it is not the best idea to follow my directions. After an hour of riding in the pelting snow we finally arrived at the party soaking wet and freezing cold. We looked through the window and saw all these lovely warm, happy and attractive people and decided it was time to turn around and bike home.. this time Kiri lead and it took ten minutes. Thankfully we didn’t go in because when I looked in the mirror I discovered my mascara had ran half way down my face which Kiri and Bianca forgot to mention. Asides from this, it was soooooo cool! I’ve never seen snow like this and since then it has snowed several times and Lund looks like a postcard.

A few days later Tandi arrived!!! I was so excited to see her as she has been in England since September. I must say she is a bit of a bad influence on me as we left our bikes chained up at the train station for three days and caught five taxis that week.. I hadn’t caught one before she got here! I will admit it was a nice change though. While she was here we went to another crazy welcome party, spent a day in Malmo, ate brownies and went to Copenhagen for a day with my housemate Victor. It was also my birthday while she was here which was awesome! We went to lunch with some exchange friends where I had the best steak sandwich! Tandi also surprised me with a candle in a dessert. That night we had burgers with my housemates who gave me a birthday cake and sang this cool Swedish birthday song, before having a korridor party and going to VGs. Caroline also made me birthday brownie cakes which were amazing! As you might imagine, Tandi and I failed at Australia Day and went to the party for about an hour and a half.. kudos to the rest of you Aussies! I also had my first class, but luckily it wasn’t until 2 pm.

On Friday night we had the ‘Tour de Chambre’ which is where you take it in turns to host the whole korridor in your room, provide everyone drinks and play games. It was a very fun night. Some highlights included ‘there is a moon in my cup’, the national anthem battle, dancing on Jonathon’s bed with lots of toilet paper and saying ‘Jonathon’ over and over again. In Swedish it sounds like a song, you should try it! I also tried snus, but it made me feel ill after five minutes so I won’t be doing that again.

On Saturday Tandi and I had to get up at 8 to get a taxi to the train station where we met Bianca and Autumn for our London trip! They looked so lovely and fresh. Anyway, we got the train to Copenhagen and the flight the London where Tandi freaked us out by arriving 2 minutes before boarding closed. This brought back a few South America memories of always having to ask the bus driver to wait for mi amiga en el bano!

Once we got to London, we ventured to Jack and Ollie’s place (friends from Peru) where we stay for the two nights. After having a typical (maybe??) fish and chip dinner Jack, Ollie, Rhys and their other friend took us to Shoreditch WHERE WE SAW HERMIONE GRANGER!!!!!!! That was probably the highlight of the night, even though she didn’t let us take a photo. I got to poke her though. Matt and his brother also met us out and it was so nice to see them! The boys lived up to their craziness in Mancora and we didn’t get home until 4.30.

The next day Bianca and I woke up at some ridiculously early hour to meet Autumn in town for some sightseeing. Firstly, we saw a Chinese festival in Leister Square and St. Pauls Cathedral. I loved seeing the Cathedral because there was a service on and a choir singing and the acoustics were amazing! Unfortunately there was the longest running ‘occupy’ movements out the front that smelt really bad. After the cathedral we saw London Bridge, Tower Bridge and Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. Bianca and I then split from Autumn and went to Brick Lane where we ate curry with one of Bianca’s amigos and spent hours at the markets; such a cool area! That night we ate dinner with Matt and Tanz before catching an English taxi back to boys place and crashing.

On our final day in London, we saw the London Eye, Big Ben (amazing!), the changing of the guards, all these other places on the bus, and hung out at Oxford St for a bit with my friend Alex!!! It was awesome to see him again after over a year. Anyway my list of things to do in London has grown by about ten times and I am going to go back for a week once it gets warmer.

After a crazy whirlwind trip, I’m glad to be home in tiny Lund. Oh there is one story I forgot to tell you.. When we were heading back to the airport the train was about to leave and the doors started closing, so Bianca (who was in the lead) sprinted in and of course the doors completely closed before Autumn and I could get on. The look on her face was priceless hahahha.

Anyway, I won't leave it so long until next time. Love to everyone at home! xx


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