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June 24th 2008
Published: June 24th 2008
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West End Live West End Live West End Live

presents the cast of Mamma Mia
Summer has arrived in London, if only in name as the weather doesn't really want to co-operate. There are the odd blue sunny day, but cracking anymore than the early 20s (except in the tube) is a bit of a struggle. But one of the benefits of "summer" is the sheer number of festivals on throughout the city. This weekend was a little event called West End Live which was a showcase of all that is good about the West End including performances from a host of shows, alongside other musical acts plus displays and exhibits from London's Museums and attractions.

Being the serious and grown up people that we are my friend Lynn and I decided to embrace every fun opportunity the day presented and this meant pretty much a dive back to childhood. To ensure there was enough energy we had to find a nice little restaurant in Chinatown for a serious brunch of Dim Sum. One advantage of going to Dim Sum with someone who grew up in Singapore is that she knows the good stuff to order!

Suitably strengthened for the task ahead we ran around all the tents having as much fun is as
Tramping it up for the PappsTramping it up for the PappsTramping it up for the Papps

We got told we were acting like lesbians by some random person ... what a laugh
humanly possible - it was so cool and even better FREEEEEEEE!

We hunted down every furry character for hugs, sang along to the showtunes being performed on stage (me), danced randomly (me again), took every photo opportunity going and generally had a ball. We got to make our own cardboard castle and got freebies wherever they were going.

Despite the slightly exhausting day we were still able to keep in with the theme and buy our 1/2 price tickets to a show. We chose Cabaret ... my goodness me it was soooo racy, but very good! I had to laugh as the first bit of full frontal nudity saw a couple of people scuttle for the exit! After 6 or so months here I'm definitely starting to take advantage of the availability of theatre on my doorstep - this was my second show for the week after an outing to Chicago on Thursday. I love London!

Love Jane

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Narnia MomentNarnia Moment
Narnia Moment

Hey it was free, but it reinforces that I shouldn't be a blonde
Playing like a kidPlaying like a kid
Playing like a kid

building and decorating our own Castle, everyone thought we were completely mad ... fun, fun, fun
Avenue QAvenue Q
Avenue Q

An extremely politically incorrect puppet show ... this was one f their big numbers ... Everyone's a little bit racist
Kung Fu Panda HatsKung Fu Panda Hats
Kung Fu Panda Hats

We loved the Kung Fu Panda stall
I think I'm super regalI think I'm super regal
I think I'm super regal

struggling to keep a straight face though

18th August 2008

Photo- Hats
Jane I think the bike helmet suited you the most - great pictures too - what a ball. H

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