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December 9th 2007
Published: December 10th 2007
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Early in the nightEarly in the nightEarly in the night

Miss Kristie, myself and Dave ... the holy moley trinity
Week 3 London and despite my deciding that I wouldn't spend all my time at the pub, I seem to be trapped with alcohol a reasonable amount of the time. This week has been more social than anything else, partly because I've had to make the most of catching up with friends while they have been in town as well as take advantage of reacquainting myself with others who I haven't seen for a year (or couple!).

The highlights have been dinner with Scotty and Rachelle, who the old HP crew will know well. They kindly invited me to dinner on Thursday night where Scotty cooked a wonderful meal and after much catching up over a few quiet drinks they even let me stay over (much appreciated as I wasn't quite ready to do the night bus from one side of town to the other!)

Friday, I then backed up with a night out with Bruce (India) who was down again from Manchester in and around the haunts of Clapham. After all if you are going to live in an area what better way to get to know it than to taste it's restaurants and bars. Found a great
Still early ...Still early ...Still early ...

Miss Pam and myself (yes I know I'm in a lot of pics, but hey ... it's my blog ... and I was working it that night!)
Thai place which actually knows how to put some heat into their dishes ... and it's just up the road! Needless to say another rather late night!

Saturday to make the most of Dave & Kristies last weekend in the UK before heading off to South America along with various other good (really good) excuses it was out for a 3rd night in a row to The Roadhouse at Covent Garden. Luckily I'd snuck in a nana nap in the arvo which meant I was able to stay awake and dance until close - my first London all nighter and I dare say, not my last. I know this behaviour is a little uncharacteristic for those who know me from Brissie, but when in London! The Roadhouse is this really cool bar downstairs near the market end of the Gardens and it plays a decent mix of music, with the bonus of a couple of sets from a live band - who rocked! I invited another new friend, Pam and she kept me company til the early hours of the morning! A great night out.

Sunday I did end up at the pub again, but alas it was
not me for a changenot me for a changenot me for a change

Laura and Miss Kristie ... an essential part of any outgoing experience
an alcohol free day (a good thing for all you kids out there!). Peter who we also met in India was down from Doncaster to see a show, so we all got together to meet up with him for a couple of hours. 5 of us from the India trip in one place at the same time - to think 6 months ago none of us even lived in London! It was great to see everyone even if for such a short time and I'm going to miss catching up with D&K now they are continuing their adventure - luckily the boys still live in the UK!

On a positive note I'm finally making a contribution to society (and to my bank account) as I've started work for a property management company in London. I'm based in the posh end of town near Buckingham Palace and get this ... hours are 9.30am to 5.30! The perfect start time for someone who loves her sleep!

Well thats all my (non educational) news for now! I'll add some photos from our night out soon!

Love Jane

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A little later ..A little later ..
A little later ..

Dave & Kristie ... look at the connection
Way later ..Way later ..
Way later ..

hey I haven't appeared for a while!
and ... later evenand ... later even
and ... later even

one of the random shots that got taken later in the night ... before I forgot I had a camera, which was probably a good thing ... oh, that's Dave and Wey(?), Laura's flatmate
The India ReunionThe India Reunion
The India Reunion

and for some of us (Kristie and me specifically) it was an alchohol free day! It's Bruce, Kristie, Dave, Me and Pete ... together again after 6ish months!

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