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November 28th 2007
Published: November 29th 2007
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Uxbridge No MoreUxbridge No MoreUxbridge No More

Will i miss it? No.
The time has come. I have turned 30 and unlike many of my friends who are settling down and having kids, I am regressing in maturity and heading off down the backpacker road frequently travelled! I leave on Saturday for Buenos Aires and the plan is to travel on from there, after 2 weeks of intensive Spanish learning.

Much as i am sure i will miss terribly another depressing British winter, failure again of Ireland to win the 6 Nations and the Monday morning drag out of bed to Uxbridge for work, I think i can handle it all to go somewhere i have always wanted to explore and travel around.

I'll try and keep this blog reasonably up to date, and i look forward to the many abusive comments from you along the way.

Onwards....to Argentina, to a country that know how to play rugby and eat steak!

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29th November 2007

No use!!
This message was of no use to me and served no purpose! Get back to us when you have something interesting to say, preferably along the lines of "so I was walking through the jungle today and saw a Gorilla drilling a Marmoset", now that's interesting!!! Good luck, love from Dave
29th November 2007

P*ss Off
Enjoy yourself, enjoy the scenery you are destroying with your big(bigger than most) carbon foortprint! I want nice presents! Stay away from boats to the Antartica!
29th November 2007

What's on the other side of the soap?
29th November 2007

Good luck Mike! Have lots of fun. Amy x
29th November 2007

God Speed
Yah , do something interesting. Go find a woman. Or two mabey, that would be interesting. Good luck mike!!!
30th November 2007

good luck mike!!
your definately making the right decision...i'm loving oz, best thing i've ever done is get away except no cash now!! hope all well with you....give us a shout if you heading this way...meeting ciara and barry in melbourne in february!! be good
30th November 2007

spanish lesson #1
in spanish, "chinga tu madre" means "good monring". i hope you find this useful.
30th November 2007

slip slop slap
remember the top of your baldy head will burn first so slip on a hat then slop on some sunscreen then slap your head (it goes summat like that). I will call you from work today
30th November 2007

Good luck!
Take care and good luck .... and keep away from the hamsters!
30th November 2007

I'm sooo jealous
Mike, dont forget to come back and join us again for the Sailing weekend! enjoy!!!
2nd December 2007

Carne, Vino, Futbal y Mujeres!
Welcome to the land of wine, women, steak and football- my idea of paradise! I'm in Lima now, heading to Santiago to start a trip, I won't be up in B.A. until January. Have Fun. Cheers, Paul
3rd December 2007

Mike, Do you remember doing this at the Nexen quiz night? At least we have something to remember you by! http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1140918085
4th December 2007

have a great time and don't forget the presents.
5th December 2007

very jealous but good luck!
10th December 2007

Good stuff
Go to Venezuala - they've just moved their national time forward 30 minutes, out os sync with everyone else. Hugo Chavez is bizarrely anti-GWB to the extent he'd change time just to be different to the US. Don't mention the war in Argentina - 25 yrs of hurt...

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