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July 2nd 2007
Published: September 3rd 2007
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What can we say about our time in London? It's a cool place to visit, we LOVE catching up with all our friends over here, there are so many cool things to see.... but we definitely don't like the mundane 'living type stuff'.... you know, like ...... working. ;-)

We had memorable nights out with Andy and Em (which even culminated in running in the water fountains along Embankment and Emilie getting a little wetter than intended), watched rugby games with Pants and Robbie at their new place, were introduced to a great Italian restaurant by Carl and Tori, ate waaaaaaay too much cheese, pesto, bread and brownie samples at the fantastic Borough Markets, drank a fair few cocktails at our local Shish - damn they make good cocktails!, hung round Clapham Common's basketball court with the coastie gang of kiwi's currently over here and generally tried to enjoy our time spent out of work as much as we could .... to make up for the hours we spend at work in jobs we generally dislike and make us long for our jobs at home....

Kristi's parents sent us money for our birthdays so we could do an evening on the West End and we went to 'We Will Rock You', which was such a fantastic night out! The actors, the costumes, the stage settings (huge plasma screens which seem to be in a whole new generation of stage settings and used unexpectedly well) and of course the music were all awesome! Plus, it was brilliantly witty! We were definitely left thinking we just don't go to the theatre often enough! ;-)

Then, once again, it was time to pack our bags for a 6 week jaunt out of London to the Middle East and Greece, we prepped our flat for mum, dad and Rowena's arrival (who are arriving in london in august and staying at our place for a few weeks while we're away) and looked forward to our next adventure....


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