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June 24th 2007
Published: August 7th 2007
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Oxford StreetOxford StreetOxford Street

Brandt and I started our jobs this week, and all and all they are going pretty well. My job has been hectic, but I am starting to get on top of it now which is good. Noone is very social, so it is good that Brandt works close by and we can meet for lunch a few times a week.

Brandt's job is going really well and he is enjoying it. He is working as a researcher for a head hunting agency, so he is calling a lot of people during the day. He started on Thursday after an interview on Wednesday so has only done a couple of days so far, but he is doing well and the people he work with seem supportive which is good. He also has the luxury of flexible working hours and days. His work is 2 tube stops from mine, so we come and go from work together. Brandt's work is right in the centre of London so its quite a good place to look around at lunch time or after work, though drink and food prices are sky high.

It didn't take long for us to figure out that neither Brandt or I had many formal 'work' clothes, so we went shopping this weekend. We went to Oxford Street yesterday, which was an absolute circus. We couldn't move for people and the lines at Primark (the cheap store that everyone shops at) were as long as what the store was - people were waiting probably at least an hour. Unfortunately during the mad rush I managed to lose Brandt, and as my cellphone had run out of battery I was just wandering aimlessly looking for him. We eventually ran into each other out on the street, but were both exhausted from looking and scanning the crowds for each other. Brandt tried to take some pictures of the number of people, but they didn't really come out due to the sheer number of heads in the road - the attached picture from www.kultureflash.net sums it up quite well I think! I ended up going to some less busy but nicer stores and brought a few work clothes. Brandt has now had enough shopping for one week!

On Friday night we went out for dinner at this chicken place just down the street, called Nando's. Afterwards we decided to go for a drink and dessert somewhere, and ended up next door at this Italian place called "Frankie and Benny's". The bartenders were both really cool and kept giving us samples of the Frankie's smoothies to try. We really liked the place so got dressed up and went back again last night and had some more drinks. The same bartenders were there, and they gave us some good deals on drinks and we twisted their arms into adding a shot or two of Baccardi into the smoothies which they don't normally do. It is a really nice place and only about two minutes walk from us which is very handy. Brandt loves it, so I suspect we will be frequenting them! It is nice to have somewhere local to go out to.

We are thinking of going away somewhere next weekend, so will see what good deals pop up on the web this week ... keep you posted.


26th June 2007

Looks like Fun
Looks like you are having lots of fun over there. I don't miss the crowds though. What borough of London are you living in?
28th June 2007

Aren't Nando's Chicken the best...Although their mild is spicy enough for me. I should have taken you guys out to the ChCh one. There is one just down from Harvey Norman infront of Sophies. Do we get to see your new work clothes?
29th June 2007

Um? Not sure, its in the south west.
29th June 2007

Not Likely

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