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September 18th 2018
Published: September 19th 2018
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Wow! What a day! We are staying in the amazing 1-Star hotel at Euston - the Travelodge! Tom’s Scottishnish overcame him with this booking. He wouldn’t let me book any others because London accommodation is so dear, so here we are in a poky room that is either freezing or stuffy, and a shower whose curtain drapes OUTSIDE the base - refuses to drape inside for water to run off, so the minuscule bathroom floor is a swamp and terribly slippery! I was sure there were critters climbing over me during the night (lice? Just my imagination I’m sure).

Anyway, my darling went out searching for brekky this morning. They tried to charge us for two nights instead of one last night (they have a Thomas Witt staying??), so Tom wasn’t going to support their brekky - egg and mayo sandwiches it was! With OJ and a coffee. Then he went out on a reconnaissance mission, serarching for the hairdresser I’d booked him into at 10am. He looked for a ladies’ one as well, but couldn’t find any for me. At 10 he returned to his assigned hairdresser but they looked still locked up so he went to another one he’d passed by. A man who’d moved to England from Japan 20 years ago did Tom’s hair, with his 3 year old daughter playing nearby.

Meanwhile, I’d decided that the Hilton Hotel just over the way a couple of streets, probably had a hair salon, so off I went The concierge said that they didn’t but could recommend me one, then offered to ring and make an appointment, which he did. He then got out a map and explained how to get there. Such fine service! The appointment wasn’t till 10.15 but I figured I may as well find it and then just wait, which I did. The fellow who did my hair was wonderful! He put in a conditioning treatment to calm it down (I think the root perm dried it out somewhat) and then cut it just how I like it! It was so nice -he listened and then confirmed what I was saying and it is now so neat and tidy! I explained that my hairdresser had met with a terrible bike accident and that she knew my hair so well, but having her offsider do it wasn’t the same. And of course his boyfirend‘s work colleague grew up in Coffs Harbour!

So, we both returned neat and tidy! We left our hotel just before checkout at 12 noon, and made our way to the underground next door at Euston station. We’d been told that our ship was to be docked alongside the HMS Belfast and that we had to walk across that to board our ship, so we got out at London Bridge station (very near the most recent terrorist attack where the Qld nurse was killed, the Borough Markets), and slowly made our way to the Belfast. Only to be told by security that we have to board from the other side of the river, at the Tower Pier, due to the customs post set up there. So we trundled back to the major street and Tom hailed a cab for us, and off we set on the very short but very slow trip across Tower Bridge to the pier where a lovely Silversea lady opened our taxi door, saw to our luggage with a porter and then escorted us down to customs! We then waited five minutes or so for the River Taxi to return to our pier, pick us and about 20 other passengers up, and take us to the pier at the bottom of the Belfast where we had to climb up some stairs onto the Belfast, walk along the starboard deck of it and then cross the gangway onto the Silver Wind where we were rustled up to deck 6 and given a glass of champagne while we finished our checking in procedures.

Once that was finalised we hustled down to the laundrette on deck 3, and hastily put on 2 loads of washing! Yay! Then we made our way up to the pool deck on deck 8 for a lovely lunch of fish of the day. And 2 glasses of champagne. No. Make that 3! By then we were allowed access to our suites and weren’t we lucky! Our ship will have to turn around to leave because she docked with our suite overlooking the Tower of London! Amazing. We met One of our loads of washing was finished so we retrieved it and hung it in the bathroom. Sometime later the second one finished so we organised that one to dry in our suite as well. In the middle of all this, we met our butler Najeev, and boy, he was really good - organised for a blanket on our bed instead of the Doona, made a dinner booking at la Terraza for tonight, getting us some baileys and whisky! I also made an appointment to get my talons shortened tomorrow morning. They don’t usually have nail technicians on board, but this ship does! We also made plans for breakfast in our suite tomorrow so we can more easily watch the sail away.

I’ve forgotten the password and username I set up for the wifi on the last ship, so I took my phone down (and Tom his iPad) to reception and a lovely man fixed it all up. We are all set!

Then it was time for safety drill. These drills are taken so much more seriously since the Costa Concordia incident. We had our orange life vests on and waited in the Panorama Lounge for so long I had a little doze! I think I can sleep anywhere. After the drill we returned to our suite and watched the luggage get shunted over on a barge and brought aboard. The Thames is very busy, and the river cruises were continually going by. Tom enjoyed going our on our balcony and waving to the people!

After that it was time to dress for dinner - casual dress tonight, thank heavens. La Terraza is on the same deck as our suite so it was just a stroll along the corridor. The menu was the same as on the Silver Spirit, but we enjoyed the atmosphere of the different restaurant, and the lovely staff, so much more! We’ll be back! The antipasto platter was great, duck with pasta was amazing and then king prawn mains (3) just delicious, finished nicely with my favourite Italian dessert, Tiramisu. The view of the Tower and the bridge was stunning!

So happy. The ship seems older, is much smaller, and so is our suite, but it’s wonderful. AND I got my washing done! And I have wifi! And a haircut! And nails done tomorrow!

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