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January 21st 2011
Published: February 8th 2011
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Today we didn’t do much other than pack and wait. I did take a trip to Wimbledon to see if there was anything else I really needed but we mainly just packed and waited.

I had a day to reminisce about being back in London and realised that I still love the place. The friendships I made back in the mid 2000's haven’t felt the effects of 4 years absence and I’m grateful that all my wonderful girlfriends still make me feel like one of the gang.

Finally the time came for the taxi to take us to the airport, so having the whole day to prepare we were waiting outside at the designated time of 5pm. We were still waiting at 5.30pm and the likelihood of getting to Heathrow to catch an 8pm flight to Dubai seemed doubtful. Whether it was the drivers fault or that of the dispatch didn’t really matter to us and unfortunately the driver was the one that suffered our wrath. I was very colourful with my language and unfortunately for the driver the hour half delay put us straight into peak hour traffic so my colourful language lasted a lot longer than he probably would’ve liked. He even had to lend us his phone so we could call Emirates to advise of our delay. We had travelled around 3 kms in 40 minutes and I was sitting in the back feeding the girls like baby birds so they wouldn’t start crying, cursing the driver and his company and anyone remotely related to him when suddenly I was out of food. Edyn starts screaming and doesn’t stop. The driver proceeds to tell me that I should be giving “him” grape juice or grapefruit juice or kumquat juice or some bloody juice because that’s why “he’s” crying. This is the last straw and I proceed to tell him with a few expletives thrown in, that the only reason SHE is crying is because SHE knows HER mummy is stressed because the BLOODY taxi driver turned up late and now we will probably miss our flight. I didn’t talk to him after that and thankfully the airport was not too far away. On the road to the airport, Jas leapt out of the car. He said it was to run in and make sure we could still make the flight but I’m sure it’s because Edyn was still screaming uncontrollably. By the time we finally got to the drop off zone, Jas was back out to tell us that we had made it by the skin of our teeth and as soon as I realised we were going to make the flight and my heart rate dropped, Edyn also relaxed and didn’t make another sound. So without a minute to spare we found ourselves sitting comfortably on the plane with a wine in hand and the girl’s sound asleep heading for Dubai.


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