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All steps easy through to the underground at Terminal 4 of Heathrow. Onto the wifi and rapid contact with Alex. We always forget just how far it is from this airport to the centre of London. Also how noisey the Tube carriages are. Through to Green Park and onto the Jubilee line for West Hampstead station. Alex and Jill were there to meet us which was excellent. Both looking fit and flourishing in the environment. A few blocks past trendy and diverse shops and cafes and into there flat complex. Multi-storey terrace houses that had been 9 bed-sits after WWII. Now two generous apartments. Theirs, on the top floor is light and airy and surprisingly quiet given its inner city location. We rapidly caught up on the story so far and made plans to head out. ... read more
Big infrastructure on the Thames
House"boat" on Mersey Island
House"boats" on Mersey Island

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » West Hampstead December 30th 2014

I still remember the day I arrived in London seven years ago, disembarking the Eurostar when it still terminated at Waterloo. I was tired and was looking forward to staying put for awhile, which was exactly what I did with my cousin Nicola and her boyfriend (now husband) at their flat in Kilburn Park, on their couch while I went about setting myself up with work and a place of my own - buckling myself in for the ride that would be life in London. I was always going to stay awhile - at least the six years it would take to get a British passport - before seeing what I wanted to do next. As you can imagine, waiting those years for my passport was anything but akin to a prison sentence - I enjoyed ... read more
Pyramids Of Giza, Egypt
St. Petersburg, Russia
Northern Lights, Finland

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » West Hampstead September 6th 2013

Greetings I am heading to Gondar, Ethiopia scarily soon to teach on an anaesthetics masters program and then am off to Kenya to work for AMREF. Super excited (she says with butterflies)! Will try and keep you updated with my antics abroad - if there are long gaps, it means I am busy saving lives, seeing the world, meeting new people and have totally forgotten about this blog ;)... read more

I have finally gotten a chance to use a computer so i can write to you all! The plane trip was ok. I slept a bit on the first leg. Tried to watch Narnia but fell asleep so i only watch Life as We Know It. On the second flight i slept for two hours while we were sitting on the plane at kl airport! Then i was able to watch Harry Potter and Tangled. Only ended up having 20 mins at Dubai airport cause of the delays. Last flight was horrible. Had these screaming kids next to me and i didnt sleep at all. Didnt really want to watch any movies so just listened to music. was extremely glad to get here! Taking to tube was really easy from heathrow. Uncle Pete was there waiting ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » West Hampstead February 14th 2009

Well since I have had hundreds of my fans write in asking for the next installment, I thought I should keep you all abreast of things that are happening this side of the world. It can basically be summed up in two words. It’s cold. I was thinking the other day that winter started last October when London had its first October snow in 30 odd years, and it’s still going in February when we had London’s biggest snowfall in 20 odd years. 5 months of winter?!? It makes me extra glad I’ll be seeing a lot of the sun in Costa Rica in a few weeks. After I got back from New York, it was back to work to top up the funds before my long trip, but a week in, I was told the ... read more
Kim and I
The morning after

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » West Hampstead January 1st 2009

Hey everyone, Well, I forgot to mention that on Tuesday last week I went to a pantomime. Basically, it's a theatre show based on stories as Beauty and the Beast, the one we went to see. It was quite hilarious and they have a lot of audience input as well so very entertaining. D, L, the kids and I went for the show and it was a total blast. On Saturday I went to the charity shop and volunteered for a few hours before heading into Nottinghill to get a few missing cross-stitch colors. I had found an amazing little craft shop there with 2 floors, amazing for this country as there is a lack of supplies here! I got there after an hour or so travel and the shop was closed! Closed on a Saturday. ... read more
Guinea pig love

Well following my tour of the sporting grounds, there has been a lack of sport around. It’s like the country has gone into hibernation waiting for the next football season to start. Oh well, only a couple more weeks to go! This blog was also going to include my weekend trip to Belgium, but I loved Bruges so much that it deserves its own entry. Following my trip to Dover and Canterbury with Leah, we welcomed a friend of ours from New Zealand over. Cara had decided to visit and see what our lives were like over this side of the world. She also came at the perfect time. Escaping the NZ winter and arriving in the very best of the English summer (if you blinked, you missed it. It’s over now, back to chilly wind ... read more
Fancy Dress
Oxford Scholar
Clay, Katie and I

Just a quick entry: I know when people have nothing much to say, that they usually talk about the weather. But, i thought this was worth mentioning... or at least showing you photos! ... read more
The cars outside our house.
Snow balls lined up ready
getting ready for a fight!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » West Hampstead February 8th 2007

Not once, but TWICE it snowed this winter to delight the Aussies (and some locals) in London. This time, there was much more snow, apparently more than has been seen in 30-40 years. Amazing! However, the inconvenience factor was much higher this time with everyone in my department arriving half an hour to an hour late for our morning meeting. Some people's journeys were doubled, others trebled due to the delays and disruptions caused by the snow. I still think it's pretty and quite phenomenal. It was a bit hazardous walking to work, but on the odd snow day I can definitely handle it.... read more
Snow in next door's yard
Snow in the street
Snow outside on the footpath

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » West Hampstead January 28th 2007

Living in West Hampstead since November, we felt quite negligent that we had not yet visited the famous Hampstead Heath. Although the suburb name is the same, it is not actually all that close to where we live (about a half hour bus ride). So, on a grey, overcast London Sunday we started traipsing across the Heath to see what all the fuss is about. My conclusion is that its nothing special, but might have more to offer in summer. When we visited it was a bit cold and grim. Lots of leaf-less trees and people heavily wrapped up, briskly walking their dogs. Next time we visit it may have to be warmer and include some form of cricket or football (plenty of wide open spaces).... read more
Arty trees and an overcast London sky
Monkey in a tree (you don't need a caption for this one)
More birdlife

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