First day unemployed........

Published: April 4th 2006
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..................But first day of freedom!

Can't belive there's so much to do to prepare for travelling! been running my arse off over the last 2 days trying to get everything sorted. I thought 5 weeks would be plenty, but gonna be cutting it fine!

Bank accounts, flat, bills, selling car, DIY in house, Doctors, Dentist, travel ticket, and a million other things that pop up along the way, like having my car broken in to! The b******s were after my Tomtom thinking I keep it in the glove compartment, but fortunately it was in the house.

As for my travel ticket, I went into Trailfinders to be dealt with by a spotty YTS trainee called Rob. When Rob opened up his file, and gulped, as soon as I mentioned "round the world ticket" I knew I'd made a mistake. He didn't help matters by following that up by saying "This may take a while, I'm new here............."

Half an hour of going round in circles later, I left it with him promising to call me back. Anyone know where any other Trailfinders branches are???

Thats just a taste of the hassle of sorting things out! Trying to do things over the phone and they have to send you forms in triplicate which you then have to sign, and send to various corners of the world before they will do something..........

Yes, 5 weeks isn't that long!

But, one job done is another job closer to relaxing and enjoying my trip! Even the dentist today was much less an endurance than expected. Though, it probably had something to do with these goggles he put on me, so that I was watching the Ali G film whilst he was merrily drilling away. I had to stop mysef from laughing several times!

More of the same over the next few days...........


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