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July 20th 2013
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Mark was interested in Man Ray’s exhibition at National Portrait Gallery, which would finish on 27 May 2013. We decided to go to the special exhibition. As usual, he treated me to the exhibition. There were more than 150 monochrome cine photographs of famous artists and writers of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, e.g. Picasso (painter), Lee Miller (photographer), Max Ernst (surrealist artist), Virginia Woolf (writer), Le Courbusier (architect), etc, displayed in the exhibition rooms. All of the photos were processed by Man Ray and many of the people, e.g. Henri Mattise (painter), Leger (painter), Le Courbusier (architect) were associated with the Goldfinger’s family and 2 Willow Road. Despite the final day of the special exhibition, there were loads of people in the exhibition rooms.

Afterwards, we continued looking round the permanent galleries of historical celebrities, e.g. British monarchs, composers, scientists, politicians, authors, actors & actresses.

We had picnic lunch in St James Park. There were a wide variety of waterfowls on the lake. We saw numerous types of aquatic plants like irises,

Colourful azaleas and rhododendrons thriving in the park.

28 May 2013

Mark is given an extra day off as a civil servant after the 2nd Bank Holiday in May.

We decided to visit V & A museum on 28 May. We looked round the exhibitions of painting, prints, miniature portraits & its techniques, collections of sacred art & its decorations, jewellery, and photographs. We found it interesting to see various Constable paintings and fascinating photos of Paris in the 1930s and Man Ray’s photos.


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