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January 16th 2009
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One of the great things about London is the opportunity to go to movie premiers and battle the crowds to see famous people. Completely worth it.
The twilight premier was cool because i just showed up after work to see the stars because i was reading the book! Will was planned. Sabrina, Alyse, and I planned to meet up after work and see Will Smith.
I got off work at 4:30 and headed home to change. One of the guys in the hostel came with me and we walked to Leicester Square and the premier was just madness! We walked around until we found barely decent spot where we might be able to see the stars on the red carpet. When it was finally time we somehow got up to be 2nd from the fence!
I never understood people being starstruck. I do now. Will got out of the car and started giving autographs and then he turned and came right to us!!! I forgot I was holding a camera! I couldn't move and my entire body started shaking. Pathetic, maybe, but he was right there!!! If it wouldn't have been for the screaming obnoxious mother and daughter to my immediate
The last photo i tookThe last photo i tookThe last photo i took

It was at this point he turned around and headed straight towards us, only to be scared away. You can tell my hands are shaking and I completely forgot that I had a camera after this point!
right that literally scared Will away, I might have been able to touch his elbow or something fantastic like that! I love London!

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